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Holmium: yttrium–aluminum–garnet laser lithotripsy: Is there a difference in ablation rates between short and long pulse duration?

Ntasiotis, Panteleimon; Peteinaris, Angelis; Lattarulo, Marco; More

Original Article: PDF Only

Evaluation of continuous wound infusion with local analgesics in postoperative renal transplantation patients: A retrospective study

Alshuaibi, Muaath Khaled; Khogeer, Abdulghani; Ambusaidi, Hamed; More

Review Article: PDF Only

Urinary tract infection in children: A narrative review of clinical practice guidelines

Alsaywid, Basim S.; Alyami, Fahad A.; Alqarni, Naif; More

Original Article: PDF Only

Comparative analysis of partial versus radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma: Is oncologic safety compromised during nephron sparing in higher stage disease?

Hakam, Nizar; Heidar, Nassib Abou; El-Asmar, Jose; More

Original Article: PDF Only

The effect of percutaneous tract dilation technique on renal parenchymal trauma: An experimental in vivo study on a porcine model

Tsaturyan, Arman; Adamou, Constantinos; Pantazis, Lampros; More

Original Article: PDF Only

Time of onset and factors associated with delayed response post intradetrusor injection of onabotulinumtoxin a in patients with neurogenic and idiopathic overactive bladder syndrome

Al-Shaiji, Tariq Faisal; Al-Yousef, Rawan Jamal; EL-Nahas, Ahmed Refat; More

Original Research: PDF Only

Electronic medical records-based retrospective, longitudinal, observational study to understand the patient management of benign prostatic hyperplasia with alpha-blockers monotherapy in Indian population

Gupta, Rahul; Trivedi, Sameer; Vaddi, Surya Prakash; More