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Latest Articles

Original Clinical Science—General

Apheresis of Deceased Donors as a New Source of Mobilized Peripheral Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Transplant Tolerance

Sosa, Rebecca A.; Mone, Thomas; Naini, Bita V.; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Diabetic Neuropathy Is Independently Associated With Worse Graft Outcomes and Incident Cardiovascular Disease After Pancreas Transplantation: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Type 1 Diabetes

Boswell, Laura; Ventura-Aguiar, Pedro; Alejaldre, Aida; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Assessing the Relationship Between Molecular Rejection and Parenchymal Injury in Heart Transplant Biopsies

Madill-Thomsen, Katelynn S.; Reeve, Jeff; Aliabadi-Zuckermann, Arezu; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Anti-interleukin-6 Antibody Clazakizumab in Antibody-mediated Renal Allograft Rejection: Accumulation of Antibody-neutralized Interleukin-6 Without Signs of Proinflammatory Rebound Phenomena

Borski, Anita; Eskandary, Farsad; Haindl, Susanne; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Alpha-cardiac Actin Serum Expression Levels Detect Acute Cellular Rejection in Heart Transplant Patients

Pérez-Carrillo, Lorena; Giménez-Escamilla, Isaac; Sánchez-Lázaro, Ignacio; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Immunogenicity After a Heterologous BNT262b2 Versus Homologous Booster in Kidney Transplant Recipients Receiving 2 Doses of CoronaVac Vaccine: A Prospective Cohort Study

Medina-Pestana, José; Almeida Viana, Laila; Nakamura, Monica Rika; More

Original Clinical Science—Liver

Outcomes of Sorafenib for Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma After Liver Transplantation in the Era of Combined and Sequential Treatments

Tovoli, Francesco; Pallotta, Dante Pio; Sansone, Vito; More


Seeking Standardized Definitions for HLA-incompatible Kidney Transplants: A Systematic Review

Jatana, Sukhdeep S.; Zhao, Hedi; Bow, Laurine M.; More

Short Report

Splenic Vessels as a Rescue for Pediatric Kidney Retransplantation in Children With Iliac-caval Agenesis or Thrombosis

Tandoi, Francesco; Peruzzi, Licia; Lonardi, Pietro; More

Clinical Science—General

Association Between Maintenance Immunosuppressive Regimens and COVID-19 Mortality in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Gérard, Alexandre O.; Barbosa, Susana; Anglicheau, Dany; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Clinical Effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination in Renal Transplant Recipients. Antibody Levels Impact in Pneumonia and Death

Rodríguez-Cubillo, Beatriz; Moreno de la Higuera, M. Angeles; Pérez-Flores, Isabel; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Predicting a Positive Antibody Response After 2 SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccines in Transplant Recipients: A Machine Learning Approach With External Validation

Alejo, Jennifer L.; Mitchell, Jonathan; Chiang, Teresa P.-Y.; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Clinical Outcomes and Risk Factors for Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales Bloodstream Infection in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

Anesi, Judith A.; Lautenbach, Ebbing; Thom, Kerri A.; More

Original Basic Science—General

Long-term Transplant Function After Thrombolytic Treatment Ex Vivo of Donated Kidneys Retrieved 4 to 5 Hours After Circulatory Death

Olausson, Michael; Antony, Deepti; Johansson, Martin; More

Special Article

Four Decades of Clinical Liver Transplantation Research: Results of a Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis

Jiang, Decan; Ji, Tengfei; Liu, Wenjia; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Kidney Transplantation From Deceased Donors With Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombocytopenia and Thrombosis: An Updated Analysis of the UK Experience

Greenhall, George H.B.; Ushiro-Lumb, Ines; Pavord, Sue; More

Original Clinical Science—Liver

Donor Simvastatin Treatment Is Safe and Might Improve Outcomes After Liver Transplantation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Pagano, Duilio; Bosch, Jaime; Tuzzolino, Fabio; More

Original Clinical Science—General

The Efficacy and Safety of SGLT2 Inhibitor in Diabetic Kidney Transplant Recipients

Lim, Jeong-Hoon; Kwon, Soie; Jeon, Yena; More

Original Clinical Science—Liver

Long-term Clinical Outcomes and Predictive Factors for Living-donor Liver Transplant Recipients With Biliary Strictures

Han, Ji Won; Choi, Jong Young; Lee, Soon Kyu; More

Original Basic Science—General

Combining Donor-derived Cell-free DNA Fraction and Quantity to Detect Kidney Transplant Rejection Using Molecular Diagnoses and Histology as Confirmation

Halloran, Philip F.; Reeve, Jeff; Madill-Thomsen, Katelynn S.; More

Original Clinical Science—General

The Mycophenolate-based Immunosuppressive Regimen Is Associated With Increased Mortality in Kidney Transplant Patients With COVID-19

Requião-Moura, Lúcio R.; Modelli de Andrade, Luís Gustavo; de Sandes-Freitas, Tainá Veras; More

Original Basic Science—General

Novel Complement C5 Small-interfering RNA Lipid Nanoparticle Prolongs Graft Survival in a Hypersensitized Rat Kidney Transplant Model

Ishigooka, Hidetoshi; Katsumata, Haruki; Saiga, Kan; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Clinical Outcomes and Effectiveness of Heart Transplantation in Patients With Systemic Light-chain Cardiac Amyloidosis

Jeong, Hyehyun; Hwang, Inhwan; Kim, Jwa Hoon; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Single Lung Transplant Remains a Viable Option for Patients With Severe Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension

Sunagawa, Gengo; Kehara, Hiromu; Mangukia, Chirantan; More

Letter to the Editor

Incidence and Severity of COVID-19 Among Vaccinated Solid Organ Transplant Recipients During the Omicron Wave

Alejo, Jennifer L.; Chiang, Teresa P. Y.; Bowles Zeiser, Laura; More


Proceedings of the 26th Annual Virtual Congress of the International Liver Transplantation Society

Kalisvaart, Marit; Chadha, Ryan; De Martin, Eleonora; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Outcomes Following Extrahepatic and Intraportal Pancreatic Islet Transplantation: A Comparative Cohort Study

Verhoeff, Kevin; Marfil-Garza, Braulio A.; Sandha, Gurpal; More

Letter to the Editor

Distinct Outcomes of Kidney Transplant Recipients With Recent COVID-19 According to the Timing of Infection

Manfro, Arthur Gus; de Sandes-Freitas, Tainá Veras; Garcia, Valter Duro; More

Letter to the Editor

Short-term Outcomes in a Nurse Coordinator–led and Nurse Practitioner–led Sotrovimab Initiative for Solid Organ Transplant Recipients During the Omicron Surge

Cochran, Willa; Langlee, Julie; Barker, Lindsay; More

Original Clinical Science—General

Secondary Prophylaxis With Inhaled Colistin to Prevent Recurrence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacterales Pneumonia in ICU After Lung Transplantation: A Before-and-after Retrospective Cohort Analysis

Tran-Dinh, Alexy; Slassi, Lina; De Tymowski, Christian; More

Original Clinical Science—General

COVID-19 Infection With the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 Variant in a Cohort of Kidney and Kidney Pancreas Transplant Recipients: Clinical Features, Risk Factors, and Outcomes

Wong, Germaine; Rowlandson, Matthew; Sabanayagam, Dharshana; More

Letter to the Editor

Transplantation of Organs From SARS-CoV-2 RNA Positive Deceased Donors: The UK Experience So Far

Ushiro-Lumb, Inês; Callaghan, Chris J.; Pettigrew, Gavin J.; More