November 2021 - Volume 105 - Issue 11 : Transplantation

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November 2021 - Volume 105 - Issue 11
pp: 2325-2506,e154-e275

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A Novel Multidrug Combination Mitigates Rat Liver Steatosis Through Activating AMPK Pathway During Normothermic Machine Perfusion

Xu, Min; Zhou, Fangyu; Ahmed, Ola; More

Transplantation. 105(11):e215-e225, November 2021.

A 2-fold Approach to Polyoma Virus (BK) Nephropathy in Kidney Transplants: Distinguishing Direct Virus Effects From Cognate T Cell–mediated Inflammation

Halloran, Philip F.; Madill-Thomsen, Katelynn S.; Böhmig, Georg A.; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2374-2384, November 2021.

How to Preserve Liver Grafts From Circulatory Death With Long Warm Ischemia? A Retrospective Italian Cohort Study With Normothermic Regional Perfusion and Hypothermic Oxygenated Perfusion

De Carlis, Riccardo; Schlegel, Andrea; Frassoni, Samuele; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2385-2396, November 2021.

Outcomes of Highly Selected Live Donors With a Future Liver Remnant Less Than or Equal to 30%: A Matched Cohort Study

Zuckerman, Jesse; Gorgen, Andre; Acuna, Sergio A.; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2397-2403, November 2021.

Serum Glycomics on Postoperative Day 7 Are Associated With Graft Loss Within 3 Months After Liver Transplantation Regardless of Early Allograft Dysfunction

Verhelst, Xavier; Geerts, Anja; Colman, Roos; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2404-2410, November 2021.

Association of HHV-6 With Outcomes in CMV-seronegative Liver Transplant Recipients With CMV-seropositive Donors Receiving Preemptive Antiviral Therapy

Singh, Nina; Winston, Drew J.; Razonable, Raymund R.; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2427-2434, November 2021.

A Pre-TACE Radiomics Model to Predict HCC Progression and Recurrence in Liver Transplantation: A Pilot Study on a Novel Biomarker

Ivanics, Tommy; Salinas-Miranda, Emmanuel; Abreu, Phillipe; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2435-2444, November 2021.

External Validation of a Predictive Model to Estimate Renal Function After Living Donor Nephrectomy

Benoit, Thibaut; Prudhomme, Thomas; Adypagavane, Aurélien; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2445-2450, November 2021.

Chronic Histologic Changes Are Present Regardless of HLA Mismatches: Evidence from HLA-Identical Living Donor Kidney Transplants

D’Costa, Matthew R.; Bentall, Andrew; Denic, Aleksandar; More

Transplantation. 105(11):e244-e256, November 2021.

Impact of Pretransplant and New-Onset Diabetes After Transplantation on the Risk of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Population-based Cohort Study

Lim, Wai H.; Lok, Charmaine E.; Kim, S. Joseph; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2470-2481, November 2021.

Long-term Persistence of Allosensitization After Islet Allograft Failure

Rios, Paola; Baidal, David; Lemos, Joana; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2490-2498, November 2021.

Portal Vein Thrombosis May Be More Strongly Associated With Islet Infusion Than Extreme Thrombocytosis After Total Pancreatectomy With Islet Autotransplantation

Boucher, Alexander A.; Wastvedt, Solvejg; Hodges, James S.; More

Transplantation. 105(11):2499-2506, November 2021.

Risk of Breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Adult Transplant Recipients

Qin, Caroline X.; Moore, Linda W.; Anjan, Shweta; More

Transplantation. 105(11):e265-e266, November 2021.

SARS-CoV-2 Messenger RNA Vaccine Immunogenicity in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients With Prior COVID-19

Boyarsky, Brian J.; Barbur, Iulia; Chiang, Teresa Po-Yu; More

Transplantation. 105(11):e270-e271, November 2021.