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September 2021 - Volume 105 - Issue 9
pp: 1881-2123,e94-e113

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Research Highlights

Game Changer

Meeting Report

Meeting Report: First State of the Art Meeting on Gender Disparity in Kidney Transplantation in the Asia-Pacific

Kim, Yunmi; Ahmed, Ejaz; Ascher, Nancy; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1888-1891, September 2021.

Special Article

Recommendations for Donor and Recipient Selection and Risk Prediction: Working Group Report From the ILTS Consensus Conference in DCD Liver Transplantation

Schlegel, Andrea; Foley, David P.; Savier, Eric; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1892-1903, September 2021.

Expert Insight

Vigilance for Medical Products of Human Origin—Progress on the Notify Library’s Global Effort to Share Information and Learning

Petrisli, Evangelia; Carella, Claudia; Navarro, Aurora; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1921-1929, September 2021.

Canadian Society of Transplantation White Paper: Ethical and Legal Considerations for Alcohol and Cannabis Use in Solid Organ Listing and Allocation

Greenberg, Rebecca; Goldberg, Aviva; Anthony, Samantha; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1957-1964, September 2021.

Ex Vivo Expanded Donor Alloreactive Regulatory T Cells Lose Immunoregulatory, Proliferation, and Antiapoptotic Markers After Infusion Into ATG-lymphodepleted, Nonhuman Primate Heart Allograft Recipients

Ezzelarab, Mohamed B.; Zhang, Hong; Sasaki, Kazuki; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1965-1979, September 2021.

Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in Allogeneic Liver Transplantation: A Role of CD4 T Cells in Early Allograft Injury

Kageyama, Shoichi; Kadono, Kentaro; Hirao, Hirofumi; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1989-1997, September 2021.

Should We Be Utilizing More Liver Grafts From Pediatric Donation After Circulatory Death Donors? A National Analysis of the SRTR from 2002 to 2017

Sasaki, Kazunari; Nair, Amit; Firl, Daniel J.; More

Transplantation. 105(9):1998-2006, September 2021.

Impact of COVID-19 on Lung Allograft and Clinical Outcomes in Lung Transplant Recipients: A Case-control Study

Permpalung, Nitipong; Bazemore, Katrina; Chiang, Teresa Po-Yu; More

Transplantation. 105(9):2072-2079, September 2021.

Torque Teno Virus Load Is Associated With Subclinical Alloreactivity in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Prospective Observational Trial

Doberer, Konstantin; Haupenthal, Frederik; Nackenhorst, Maja; More

Transplantation. 105(9):2112-2118, September 2021.

Immunogenicity and Reactogenicity After SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination in Kidney Transplant Recipients Taking Belatacept

Ou, Michael T.; Boyarsky, Brian J.; Chiang, Teresa P.Y.; More

Transplantation. 105(9):2119-2123, September 2021.

Poor Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Humoral and T-cell Responses After 2 Injections of mRNA Vaccine in Kidney Transplant Recipients Treated With Belatacept

Chavarot, Nathalie; Ouedrani, Amani; Marion, Olivier; More

Transplantation. 105(9):e94-e95, September 2021.

COVID-19 in Kidney Transplant Recipients Vaccinated With Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine (Covishield): A Single-center Experience From India

Meshram, Hari Shankar; Kute, Vivek B.; Shah, Nauka; More

Transplantation. 105(9):e100-e103, September 2021.