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November 2018 - Volume 102 - Issue 11
pp: 1779-1960,e459-e482

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Migrating From Universal to Personalized Prevention: Predicting the Risk of Cytomegalovirus Infection After Organ Transplantation

Kotton, Camille Nelson

Transplantation. 102(11):1787-1788, November 2018.

Donor Hypothermia and Organ Transplantation

Reddy, Kunam S.; Kaplan, Bruce

Transplantation. 102(11):1789-1790, November 2018.

Engineering Confined and Prevascularized Sites for Islet Transplantation

Tomei, Alice A.

Transplantation. 102(11):1793-1794, November 2018.

A 2018 Reference Guide to the Banff Classification of Renal Allograft Pathology

Roufosse, Candice; Simmonds, Naomi; Clahsen-van Groningen, Marian; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1795-1814, November 2018.

How We Approach Combination Antifungal Therapy for Invasive Aspergillosis and Mucormycosis in Transplant Recipients

Haidar, Ghady; Singh, Nina

Transplantation. 102(11):1815-1823, November 2018.

Donor-derived Viral Infections in Liver Transplantation

Nam, Hannah; Nilles, Kathy M.; Levitsky, Josh; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1824-1836, November 2018.

Novel Approaches to Block Complement

Böhmig, Georg A.; Wahrmann, Markus; Eskandary, Farsad; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1837-1843, November 2018.

No Evidence for Cross-reactivity of Virus-specific Antibodies With HLA Alloantigens

Heidt, Sebastiaan; Feltkamp, Mariet C.; Karahan, Gonca E; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1844-1849, November 2018.

Survival and Metabolic Function of Syngeneic Mouse Islet Grafts Transplanted Into the Hepatic Sinus Tract

Li, Feng; Jiao, Ao; Li, Xiaohang; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1850-1856, November 2018.

Does Islet Size Really Influence Graft Function After Clinical Islet Transplantation?

Hughes, Stephen J.; Bateman, Paul A.; Cross, Sarah E.; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1857-1863, November 2018.

Heavy Alcohol Use Among Deceased Donors Does Not Impact Recipient Outcomes After Liver Transplantation

Arora, Sumant S.; Chahal, Khushdeep S.; Axley, Page; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1864-1869, November 2018.

The Effect of Histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate Solution and University of Wisconsin Solution: An Analysis of the Eurotransplant Registry

de Boer, Jacob D.; Strelniece, Agita; van Rosmalen, Marieke; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1870-1877, November 2018.

The Impact of Deceased Donor Liver Extraction Time on Early Allograft Function in Adult Liver Transplant Recipients

Adelmann, Dieter; Roll, Garrett R.; Kothari, Rishi; More

Transplantation. 102(11):e466-e471, November 2018.

One Hundred Fifteen Cases of Pure Laparoscopic Living Donor Right Hepatectomy at a Single Center

Lee, Kwang-Woong; Hong, Suk Kyun; Suh, Kyung-Suk; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1878-1884, November 2018.

OPTN Vascularized Composite Allograft Waiting List: Current Status and Trends in the United States

Wainright, Jennifer L.; Wholley, Christopher L.; Cherikh, Wida S.; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1885-1890, November 2018.

Impact of Donor Core Body Temperature on Graft Survival After Heart Transplantation

Schnuelle, Peter; Benck, Urs; Krämer, Bernhard K.; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1891-1900, November 2018.

Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcomes of Early Acute Kidney Injury After Heart Transplantation: An 18-year Experience

García-Gigorro, Renata; Renes-Carreño, Emilio; Corres Peiretti, María Angélica; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1901-1908, November 2018.

Outcomes After Cardiac Transplant for Wild Type Transthyretin Amyloidosis

Rosenbaum, Andrew N.; AbouEzzeddine, Omar F.; Grogan, Martha; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1909-1913, November 2018.

Immunosuppression Is Associated With Clinical Features and Relapse Risk of B Cell Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder: A Retrospective Analysis Based on the Prospective, International, Multicenter PTLD-1 Trials

Zimmermann, Heiner; Babel, Nina; Dierickx, Daan; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1914-1923, November 2018.

Long-term Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation in Fabry Disease

Ersözlü, Sara; Desnick, Robert J.; Huynh-Do, Uyen; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1924-1933, November 2018.

Outcomes of Pediatric ABO-incompatible Living Kidney Transplantations From 2002 to 2015: An Analysis of the Japanese Kidney Transplant Registry

Hattori, Motoshi; Mieno, Makiko; Shishido, Seiichiro; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1934-1942, November 2018.

Detection of Complement-binding Donor-specific Antibodies, Not IgG-antibody Strength Nor C4d Status, at Antibody-mediated Rejection Diagnosis Is an Independent Predictor of Kidney Graft Failure

Malheiro, Jorge; Santos, Sofia; Tafulo, Sandra; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1943-1954, November 2018.

CMV-specific Cell-mediated Immunity at 3-month Prophylaxis Withdrawal Discriminates D+/R+ Kidney Transplants at Risk of Late-onset CMV Infection Regardless the Type of Induction Therapy

Jarque, Marta; Melilli, Edoardo; Crespo, Elena; More

Transplantation. 102(11):e472-e480, November 2018.

A Novel Technique in the Treatment of Lymphoceles After Renal Transplantation: C-Arm Cone Beam CT-Guided Percutaneous Embolization of Lymphatic Leakage After Lymphangiography

Yildirim, Ismail Okan; Piskin, Turgut; Duman, Enes; More

Transplantation. 102(11):1955-1960, November 2018.