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September 2015 - Volume 99 - Issue 9
pp: 1739-2003,e120-e164

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Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase Does It

Hoogduijn, Martin J.

Transplantation. 99(9):1751-1752, September 2015.

Perfusion Decellularization of Discarded Human Kidneys: A Valuable Platform for Organ Regeneration

Ott, Harald C.

Transplantation. 99(9):1753, September 2015.

Renal Function and Transplantation in Liver Disease

Parajuli, Sandesh; Foley, David; Djamali, Arjang; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1756-1764, September 2015.

Adipose- and Bone Marrow–Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Prolong Graft Survival in Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation

Plock, Jan A.; Schnider, Jonas T.; Zhang, Wensheng; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1765-1773, September 2015.

Differential Effects of Calcineurin and Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibitors on Alloreactive Th1, Th17, and Regulatory T Cells

Gallon, Lorenzo; Traitanon, Opas; Yu, Yuming; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1774-1784, September 2015.

Calcineurin Inhibitor Minimization With Ixazomib, an Investigational Proteasome Inhibitor, for the Prevention of Antibody Mediated Rejection in a Preclinical Model

Reese, Shannon R.; Wilson, Nancy A.; Huang, Gengwen; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1785-1795, September 2015.

Arsenic Trioxide Induces T Cell Apoptosis and Prolongs Islet Allograft Survival in Mice

Gao, Chang; Jiang, Jie; Ma, Pengfei; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1796-1806, September 2015.

Renal Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds From Discarded Kidneys Maintain Glomerular Morphometry and Vascular Resilience and Retains Critical Growth Factors

Peloso, Andrea; Petrosyan, Astgik; Da Sacco, Stefano; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1807-1816, September 2015.

Interleukin-10 From Marginal Zone Precursor B-Cell Subset Is Required for Costimulatory Blockade-Induced Transplantation Tolerance

Lal, Girdhari; Nakayama, Yumi; Sethi, Apoorva; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1817-1828, September 2015.

Indoleamine 2, 3-Dioxgenase Transfected Mesenchymal Stem Cells Induce Kidney Allograft Tolerance by Increasing the Production and Function of Regulatory T Cells

He, Yue; Zhou, Shan; Liu, Hong; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1829-1838, September 2015.

Thymus-Derived Regulatory T Cells Infiltrate the Cardiac Allograft Before Rejection

Boer, Karin; Caliskan, Kadir; Peeters, Annemiek M. A.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1839-1846, September 2015.

Liver Transplantation for Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis: After 20 Years Still the Best Therapeutic Alternative?

Ericzon, Bo-Göran; Wilczek, Henryk E.; Larsson, Marie; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1847-1854, September 2015.

Minimal Improvement in Glomerular Filtration Rate in the First Year After Liver Transplantation

Mangus, Richard S.; Lutz, Andrew J.; Fridell, Jonathan A.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1855-1861, September 2015.

Worse Long-term Patient Survival and Higher Cancer Rates in Liver Transplant Recipients With a History of Smoking

Mangus, Richard S.; Fridell, Jonathan A.; Kubal, Chandrashekhar A.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1862-1868, September 2015.

Donor-Specific Anti-HLA Antibodies and Endothelial C4d Deposition—Association With Chronic Liver Allograft Failure

Iacob, Speranta; Cicinnati, Vito R.; Lindemann, Monika; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1869-1875, September 2015.

Long-term Clinical Relevance of De Novo Donor-Specific Antibodies After Pediatric Liver Transplantation

Grabhorn, Enke; Binder, Thomas M. C.; Obrecht, Denise; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1876-1881, September 2015.

Analysis of Post-Liver Transplant Hepatitis C Virus Recurrence Using Serial Cluster of Differentiation Antibody Microarrays

Rahman, Wassim; Tu, Thomas; Budzinska, Magdalena; More

Transplantation. 99(9):e120-e126, September 2015.

Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders and Lung Transplantation

Hernandez Voth, Ana R.; Benavides Mañas, Pedro D.; De Pablo Gafas, Alicia; More

Transplantation. 99(9):e127-e131, September 2015.

Use of [18F]FDG Positron Emission Tomography to Monitor the Development of Cardiac Allograft Rejection

Daly, Kevin P.; Dearling, Jason L. J.; Seto, Tatsuichiro; More

Transplantation. 99(9):e132-e139, September 2015.

Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid (1,3)β-D-Glucan for the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections in Solid Organ Transplantation: A Prospective Multicenter Study

Mutschlechner, Wolfgang; Risslegger, Brigitte; Willinger, Birgit; More

Transplantation. 99(9):e140-e144, September 2015.

Thirty Years of Pancreas Transplantation at Leiden University Medical Center: Long-term Follow-up in a Large Eurotransplant Center

Kopp, Wouter H.; Verhagen, Merel J. J.; Blok, Joris J.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):e145-e151, September 2015.

Transcriptional Perturbations in Graft Rejection

Vitalone, Matthew J.; Sigdel, Tara K.; Salomonis, Nathan; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1882-1893, September 2015.

Willingness of Directed Living Donors and Their Recipients to Participate in Kidney Paired Donation Programs

Hendren, Elizabeth; Gill, Jagbir; Landsberg, David; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1894-1899, September 2015.

A Reassessment of the Survival Advantage of Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas Versus Kidney-Alone Transplantation

Sung, Randall S.; Zhang, Min; Schaubel, Douglas E.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1900-1906, September 2015.

Cytokine Release After Treatment With Rituximab in Renal Transplant Recipients

Kamburova, Elena G.; van den Hoogen, Martijn W. F.; Koenen, Hans J. P. M.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1907-1911, September 2015.

Clinical, Histological, and Molecular Markers Associated With Allograft Loss in Transplant Glomerulopathy Patients

Kamal, Layla; Broin, Pilib Ó.; Bao, Yi; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1912-1918, September 2015.

Primary Cardiac Allograft Dysfunction—Validation of a Clinical Definition

Dronavalli, Vamsidhar B.; Rogers, Chris A.; Banner, Nicholas R.

Transplantation. 99(9):1919-1925, September 2015.

Assessment of Cotinine Reveals a Dose-Dependent Effect of Smoking Exposure on Long-term Outcomes After Renal Transplantation

Hellemons, Merel E.; Sanders, Jan-Stephan F.; Seelen, Marc A. J.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1926-1932, September 2015.

Lung Preservation With Perfadex or Celsior in Clinical Transplantation: A Retrospective Single-Center Analysis of Outcomes

Gohrbandt, Bernhard; Simon, Andre R.; Warnecke, Gregor; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1933-1939, September 2015.

Disease Recurrence and Acute Cellular Rejection Episodes During the First Year After Lung Transplantation Among Patients With Sarcoidosis

Banga, Amit; Sahoo, Debasis; Lane, Charles R.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1940-1945, September 2015.

Metalloproteinase Profiling in Lung Transplant Recipients With Good Outcome and Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome

Heijink, Irene H.; Rozeveld, Dennie; van der Heide, Sicco; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1946-1952, September 2015.

Use of Eculizumab in Patients With Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy: A Study From the SFGM-TC

de Fontbrune, Flore Sicre; Galambrun, Claire; Sirvent, Anne; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1953-1959, September 2015.

What Should the Serum Creatinine Be After Transplantation? An Approach to Integrate Donor and Recipient Information to Assess Posttransplant Kidney Function

Al-Sehli, Riyadh; Grebe, Scott; Jacaj, Zija; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1960-1967, September 2015.

Renal Transplantation From Pediatric Donors in the United Kingdom

Dave, Rajiv V.; Hakeem, Abdul R.; Dawrant, Michael J.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1968-1975, September 2015.

Association of Kidney Graft Loss With De Novo Produced Donor-Specific and Non-Donor-Specific HLA Antibodies Detected by Single Antigen Testing

Süsal, Caner; Wettstein, Daniel; Döhler, Bernd; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1976-1980, September 2015.

Use of Quantitative Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction to Assess Gene Transcripts Associated With Antibody-Mediated Rejection of Kidney Transplants

Dominy, Katherine M.; Roufosse, Candice; de Kort, Hanneke; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1981-1988, September 2015.

Impact of Cytomegalovirus on Long-term Mortality and Cancer Risk After Organ Transplantation

Desai, Rajeev; Collett, Dave; Watson, Christopher J. E.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1989-1994, September 2015.

T cells Exhibit Reduced Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 5 Phosphorylation and Upregulated Coinhibitory Molecule Expression After Kidney Transplantation

Bouvy, Anne P.; Klepper, Mariska; Kho, Marcia M. L.; More

Transplantation. 99(9):1995-2003, September 2015.