November 27th, 2013 - Volume 96 - Issue 10
pp: 851-934,e68-e76



No Acceleration of UV-Induced Skin Carcinogenesis from Evenly Spread Dietary Intake of Cyclosporine in Contrast to Oral Bolus Dosages

Voskamp, Pieter; Bodmann, Carolien A.; Koehl, Gudrun E.; More

Transplantation. 96(10):871-876, November 27th, 2013.

Knockdown of Intraislet IKKβ by Spherical Nucleic Acid Conjugates Prevents Cytokine-Induced Injury and Enhances Graft Survival

Rink, Jonathan S.; McMahon, Kaylin M.; Zhang, Xiaomin; More

Transplantation. 96(10):877-884, November 27th, 2013.

Defining Delayed Graft Function after Renal Transplantation: Simplest Is Best

Mallon, Dermot H.; Summers, Dominic M.; Bradley, J. Andrew; More

Transplantation. 96(10):885-889, November 27th, 2013.

Gingival Overgrowth in Renal Transplant Subjects: A 44-Month Follow-Up Study

Costa, Lidiane C.M.; Costa, Fernando Oliveira; Cortelli, Sheila C.; More

Transplantation. 96(10):890-896, November 27th, 2013.

OSAKA Trial: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing Tacrolimus QD and BD in Kidney Transplantation

Albano, Laetitia; Banas, Bernhard; Klempnauer, Juergen L.; More

Transplantation. 96(10):897-903, November 27th, 2013.

Outcomes of Simultaneous Liver and Kidney Transplantation in Relation to a High Level of Preformed Donor-Specific Antibodies

Leca, Nicolae; Warner, Paul; Bakthavatsalam, Ramaswamy; More

Transplantation. 96(10):914-918, November 27th, 2013.

Trends and Characteristics in Early Glomerular Filtration Rate Decline After Posttransplantation Alloantibody Appearance

Wu, Pingping; Everly, Matthew J.; Rebellato, Lorita M.; More

Transplantation. 96(10):919-925, November 27th, 2013.