July 15th, 2013 - Volume 96 - Issue 1
pp: 1-115,e1-e2


Inducible Costimulator (ICOS) Up-Regulation on Activated T Cells in Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Dog Leukocyte Antigen–Nonidentical Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: ...

Sato, Masahiko; Storb, Rainer; Loretz, Carol; More

Transplantation. 96(1):34-41, July 15th, 2013.

Calcium and Osteoprotegerin Levels Predict the Progression of the Abdominal Aortic Calcifications After Kidney Transplantation

Meneghini, Maria; Regalia, Anna; Alfieri, Carlo; More

Transplantation. 96(1):42-48, July 15th, 2013.

Impact of Late Calcineurin Inhibitor Withdrawal on Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Carotid Intima Media Thickness in Renal Transplant Recipients

Mourer, Jacqueline S.; de Koning, Eelco J.P.; van Zwet, Erik W.; More

Transplantation. 96(1):49-57, July 15th, 2013.

Harmful Effect of Preformed Anti-MICA Antibodies on Renal Allograft Evolution in Early Posttransplantation Period

Sánchez-Zapardiel, Elena; Castro-Panete, María J.; Castillo-Rama, Marcela; More

Transplantation. 96(1):70-78, July 15th, 2013.

Early Versus Late Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Renal Transplant Recipients

Dörje, Christina; Midtvedt, Karsten; Holdaas, Hallvard; More

Transplantation. 96(1):79-84, July 15th, 2013.