June 2018 - Volume 102 - Issue 6
pp: 883-1022,e253-e306

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Sensing Danger After Kidney Transplantation

Zecher, Daniel

Transplantation. 102(6):892-893, June 2018.

Single-antigen Bead Assays to Define Unacceptable Antigen Mismatches?

Böhmig, Georg A.; Hidalgo, Luis G.

Transplantation. 102(6):894-895, June 2018.

Cytomegalovirus: A Guide for the Perplexed

Santos, Carlos A.Q.; Brennan, Daniel C.

Transplantation. 102(6):898-899, June 2018.

Fulminant Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome After Calcineurin Inhibitor-belatacept Conversion in a Lung Transplant Recipient

Brugière, Olivier; Cazes, Aurelie; Champion, Laure; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e255-e256, June 2018.

In Case you Missed It—Basic Science Advances in Transplantation 2017

Baan, Carla C.

Transplantation. 102(6):932-934, June 2018.

Summary of 2017 FDA Public Workshop: Antibody-mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplantation

Velidedeoglu, Ergun; Cavaillé-Coll, Marc W.; Bala, Shukal; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e257-e264, June 2018.

Impact of Mitochondrial Permeability on Endothelial Cell Immunogenicity in Transplantation

Tran, Danh T.; Esckilsen, Scott; Mulligan, Jennifer; More

Transplantation. 102(6):935-944, June 2018.

A Novel Subcutaneous Site of Islet Transplantation Superior to the Liver

Yasunami, Yohichi; Nakafusa, Yuki; Nitta, Naoyoshi; More

Transplantation. 102(6):945-952, June 2018.

IL-34 Inhibits Acute Rejection of Rat Liver Transplantation by Inducing Kupffer Cell M2 Polarization

Zhao, Zhengfei; Pan, Guangrui; Tang, Chengyong; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e265-e274, June 2018.

Durable Clinical and Immunologic Advantage of Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Children

Przybyszewski, Eric M.; Verna, Elizabeth C.; Lobritto, Steven J.; More

Transplantation. 102(6):953-960, June 2018.

Prediction of the Development of Persistent Massive Ascites After Living Donor Liver Transplantation Using a Perioperative Risk Score

Wu, Yi-Ju; Wang, Shih-Ho; Elsarawy, Ahmed M.; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e275-e281, June 2018.

Clinical Efficacy of Percutaneous Transhepatic Portal Vein Angioplasty for Late-onset Portal Vein Stenosis in Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients

Naik, Kushal B.; Hawkins, C. Matthew; Gill, Anne E.; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e282-e287, June 2018.

Variation in Practice Patterns for Listing Patients for Renal Transplantation in the United Kingdom: A National Survey

Pruthi, Rishi; Tonkin-Crine, Sarah; Calestani, Melania; More

Transplantation. 102(6):961-968, June 2018.

Analysis of Luminex-based Algorithms to Define Unacceptable HLA Antibodies in CDC-crossmatch Negative Kidney Transplant Recipients

Zecher, Daniel; Bach, Christian; Preiss, Adrian; More

Transplantation. 102(6):969-977, June 2018.

Do Patients Supported With Continuous-flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Have a Sufficient Risk of Death to Justify a Priority Allocation? A Propensity Score Matched Analysis of Patients Listed in UNOS Status 2

Mastrobuoni, Stefano; Dell’Aquila, Angelo Maria; Van Caenegem, Olivier; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e288-e294, June 2018.

Beta Cell Death by Cell-free DNA and Outcome After Clinical Islet Transplantation

Gala-Lopez, Boris L.; Neiman, Daniel; Kin, Tatsuya; More

Transplantation. 102(6):978-985, June 2018.

Gene Expression Profiling of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cells During Aspergillus Colonization of the Lung Allograft

Weigt, S. Samuel; Wang, Xiaoyan; Palchevskiy, Vyacheslav; More

Transplantation. 102(6):986-993, June 2018.

Opioid Prescription, Morbidity, and Mortality in US Transplant Recipients

Abbott, Kevin C.; Fwu, Chyng-Wen; Eggers, Paul W.; More

Transplantation. 102(6):994-1004, June 2018.

Impaired Secretion of TNF-α by Monocytes Stimulated With EBV Peptides Associates With Infectious Complications After Kidney Transplantation

Vallin, Patrice; Désy, Olivier; Béland, Stéphanie; More

Transplantation. 102(6):1005-1013, June 2018.

Long-term Outcome of 1-step Kidney Transplantation and Bladder Augmentation Procedure in Pediatric Patients

Cleper, Roxana; Ben Meir, David; Krause, Irit; More

Transplantation. 102(6):1014-1022, June 2018.

3D Endoscopic Donor Nephrectomy Versus Robot-assisted Donor Nephrectomy: A Detailed Comparison of 2 Prospective Cohorts

Mulder, Evalyn E.A.P.; Janki, Shiromani; Terkivatan, Türkan; More

Transplantation. 102(6):e295-e300, June 2018.