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  • Updated:   8/25/2022
  • Contains:  23 items
This collection highlights the next-generation biomarkers for posttransplantation outcomes.

Proteinuria in Deceased Kidney Transplant Donors for Prediction of Chronic Lesions in Pretransplant Biopsies: A Prospective Observational Study

Haupenthal, Frederik; Kläger, Johannes; Bauernfeind, Florian; More

Transplantation. 106(10):2044-2051, October 2022.

Quantitative Image Analysis at Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Onset Predicts Mortality

Weigt, S. Samuel; Kim, Grace-Hyun J.; Jones, Heather D.; More

Transplantation. 106(6):1253-1261, June 2022.

Plasma Levels of SERCA2a as a Noninvasive Biomarker of Primary Graft Dysfunction After Heart Transplantation

Lozano-Edo, Silvia; Sánchez-Lázaro, Ignacio; Portolés, Manuel; More

Transplantation. 106(4):887-893, April 2022.

Serum MicroRNA Transcriptomics and Acute Rejection or Recurrent Hepatitis C Virus in Human Liver Allograft Recipients: A Pilot Study

Muthukumar, Thangamani; Akat, Kemal M.; Yang, Hua; More

Transplantation. 106(4):806-820, April 2022.

Circulating Donor Lung-specific Exosome Profiles Enable Noninvasive Monitoring of Acute Rejection in a Rodent Orthotopic Lung Transplantation Model

Habertheuer, Andreas; Ram, Chirag; Schmierer, Maggie; More

Transplantation. 106(4):754-766, April 2022.

Analytical Validation of a Single-nucleotide Polymorphism-based Donor-derived Cell-free DNA Assay for Detecting Rejection in Kidney Transplant Patients

Altuğ, Yücel; Liang, Nathan; Ram, Rosalyn; More

Transplantation. 103(12):2657-2665, December 2019.

Tolerance Biomarkers in Liver Transplantation: Independent External Validation of the Predictive Strength of SENP6 and FEM1C Gene Expression

Pérez-Sanz, Fernando; Revilla-Nuin, Beatriz; Martínez-Alarcón, Laura; More

Transplantation. 103(9):1887-1892, September 2019.