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Articles by Timm Heinbokel

Mast Cells Regulate CD4+ T Cell Differentiation in Absence of Antigen Presentation

Biefer, Hector Rodriguez Cetina; Heinbokel, Timm; Uehara, Hirofumi; More

Transplantation. 102:S284, July 2018.

Senolytic Treatment Attenuates mtDNA-Mediated Inflammatory injury in Old Donors and Improves Cardiac Allograft Survival

Minami, Koichiro; Seyda, Midas; Heinbokel, Timm; More

Transplantation. 102:S351, July 2018.

Rapamycin Prolongs Graft Survival and Induces CD4+IFN-γ+IL-10+ Regulatory Type 1 Cells in Old Recipient Mice

Quante, Markus; Heinbokel, Timm; Edtinger, Karoline; More

Transplantation. 102(1):59-69, January 2018.