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Articles by Liise K. Kayler

Early Readmission After Kidney Transplantation: Examination of Discharge-Level Factors

Lubetzky, Michelle; Yaffe, Hillary; Chen, Cynthia; More

Transplantation. 100(5):1079-1085, May 2016.

Alemtuzumab Preconditioning With Tacrolimus Monotherapy—The Impact of Serial Monitoring for Donor-Specific Antibody

Shapiro, Ron; Zeevi, Adriana; Basu, Amit; More

Transplantation. 85(8):1125-1132, April 27th, 2008.

Evaluation of pancreatic allograft dysfunction by laparoscopic biopsy

Kayler, Liise K.; Merion, Robert M.; Rudich, Steven M.; More

Transplantation. 74(9):1287-1289, November 15th, 2002.