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Jeremy R. Chapman

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Jeremy Chapman, AC, MD, FRACP, FRCP

Westmead Hospital and University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I am a nephrologist with a lifelong interest in clinical and experimental transplantation, trained in Cambridge, London, and Oxford before moving to Australia in 1987. I served as Director of Western Sydney Renal Services and Director of Medicine and Cancer until 2019. I am a past President of The Transplantation Society and the World Marrow Donor Association, a founding co-chair of the Declaration of Istanbul, and Chair of the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry.


Carla C. Baan, PhD

Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I am Head of the Nephrology & Transplantation Laboratory at Erasmus Medical Center, University Hospital Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The position involves the supervision of doctorate research related to the role of cytokines, T cells and B cells, and immunosuppressive drugs in clinical organ transplantation. The primary objective of my research is to develop and exploit new technologies for the diagnosis of transplant rejection using blood and urinary biomarkers. I am a member of TTS, ESOT, ISHLT, and the Dutch Transplant Society.


Jonathan S. Bromberg, MD, PhD

University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD

I have been involved in basic cellular and molecular transplant immunology for over 25 years, with a focus on T cell immunobiology. I have also maintained an active clinical practice in solid organ transplantation and am constantly exposed to the problems of patients and their immune systems. These research and clinical interests are well suited to one another and well-suited to keeping my professional life current and relevant.


Jean C. Emond, MD

Columbia University and The New York
Presbyterian Hospital
New York, NY

I am a clinical surgeon performing liver transplantation and hepatobiliary surgery. I have had a sustained academic career leading research efforts in liver donor liver transplantation and hepatobiliary oncology. Over the past 25 years, I have trained dozens of liver surgeons and hepatologists who have made contributions in transplant centers throughout the world. I am also a past President of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.


Edward Geissler, PhD

University Hospital Regensburg
University of Regensburg
Regensburg, Germany

I am a basic scientist working in different areas spanning the field of transplantation, including basic immunology, tolerance, immunosuppressive therapies, and post-transplant malignancy. My experience in transplantation includes research activities for 8 years in the US and nearly 20 years in Europe. My interests focus particularly on translating basic science discoveries into clinical trials that will improve outcomes for organ transplant recipients.


Bruce Kaplan, MD

Baylor Scott and White Health System
Dallas, TX

I have been involved in transplantation for over 25 years. I have extensive experience in the interpretation and analysis of complex data and data sets. I have considerable clinical experience in immunosuppression and in the pharmacology of immunosuppressive agents. I am appreciative of the opportunity over the years to participate and partner with investigators in various editorial roles.


Stefan G. Tullius, MD, PhD

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

I have worked as a surgeon/scientist in both Europe (Belin) and, since 2005, the US (Boston). I have interest in improving the utilization of organs, a personalized approach to treatment, and the advancement of vascular composite tissue allotransplantation. I see transplantation as a most exciting field with application and innovation around the world. My work on the Executive Council of TTS has provided an opportunity to communicate issues of transplantation effectively to an international community. The Special Features section in Transplantation provides an exceptional opportunity to convey progress and challenges, helping to shape our mind to solve tomorrow's problems.