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The Importance of Bringing Transplantation Tolerance to the Clinic

Cosimi, A. Benedict; Ascher, Nancy L.; Emond, Jean C.; More

Transplantation. 105(5):935-940, May 2021.

Special Article

The Role of Patient-reported Outcomes and Medication Adherence Assessment in Patient-focused Drug Development for Solid Organ Transplantation

Karpen, Stephen R.; Klein, Amanda; Alloway, Rita R.; More

Transplantation. 105(5):941-944, May 2021.

Month-long Respiratory Support by a Wearable Pumping Artificial Lung in an Ovine Model

Orizondo, Ryan A.; Omecinski, Katelin S.; May, Alexandra G.; More

Transplantation. 105(5):999-1007, May 2021.

Donor Hepatectomy and Implantation Time Are Associated With Early Complications After Liver Transplantation: A Single-center Retrospective Study

Gilbo, Nicholas; Fieuws, Steffen; Meurisse, Nicolas; More

Transplantation. 105(5):1030-1038, May 2021.

Safety and Feasibility Report of Robotic-assisted Left Lateral Sectionectomy for Pediatric Living Donor Liver Transplantation: A Comparative Analysis of Learning Curves and Mastery Achieved With the Laparoscopic Approach

Troisi, Roberto I.; Elsheikh, Yasser; Alnemary, Yasir; More

Transplantation. 105(5):1044-1051, May 2021.

Galectin-3 and Risk of Late Graft Failure in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A 10-year Prospective Cohort Study

Sotomayor, Camilo G.; te Velde-Keyzer, Charlotte A.; Diepstra, Arjan; More

Transplantation. 105(5):1106-1115, May 2021.