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Overcoming Challenges of Deceased Organ Donation in Indian Private Hospitals

Seth, Avnish Kumar; Pandit, Rahul; Gopashetty, Mahesh; More

Transplantation. 107(2):283-286, February 2023.

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Heart Transplantation From DCD Donors in Australia: Lessons Learned From the First 74 Cases

Joshi, Yashutosh; Scheuer, Sarah; Chew, Hong; More

Transplantation. 107(2):361-371, February 2023.

P-glycoprotein, FK-binding Protein-12, and the Intracellular Tacrolimus Concentration in T-lymphocytes and Monocytes of Kidney Transplant Recipients

Udomkarnjananun, Suwasin; Francke, Marith I.; Dieterich, Marjolein; More

Transplantation. 107(2):382-391, February 2023.

Nodular Regenerative Hyperplasia Is Not a Rare Condition After Liver Transplantation: Incidence, Predictive Factors, and Impact on Survival

Kounis, Ilias; Sebagh, Mylène; Evain, Manon; More

Transplantation. 107(2):410-419, February 2023.

Personality Traits in Patients With Cirrhosis Are Different From Those of the General Population and Impact Likelihood of Liver Transplantation

Thuluvath, Avesh J.; Siddiqui, Osama; Lai, Jennifer C.; More

Transplantation. 107(2):420-428, February 2023.

Improved Organ Utilization and Better Transplant Outcomes With In Situ Normothermic Regional Perfusion in Controlled Donation After Circulatory Death

Oniscu, Gabriel C.; Mehew, Jennifer; Butler, Andrew J.; More

Transplantation. 107(2):438-448, February 2023.

Lung Transplantation for COVID-19 Pulmonary Sequelae

Kehara, Hiromu; Mangukia, Chirantan; Sunagawa, Gengo; More

Transplantation. 107(2):449-456, February 2023.

Dynamics of Humoral and Cellular Responses in Renal Transplant Recipients Receiving 3 Doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine

Arias-Cabrales, Carlos; Folgueiras, Montserrat; Faura, Anna; More

Transplantation. 107(2):457-465, February 2023.

Alpha-cardiac Actin Serum Expression Levels Detect Acute Cellular Rejection in Heart Transplant Patients

Pérez-Carrillo, Lorena; Giménez-Escamilla, Isaac; Sánchez-Lázaro, Ignacio; More

Transplantation. 107(2):466-474, February 2023.

Diabetic Neuropathy Is Independently Associated With Worse Graft Outcomes and Incident Cardiovascular Disease After Pancreas Transplantation: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Type 1 Diabetes

Boswell, Laura; Ventura-Aguiar, Pedro; Alejaldre, Aida; More

Transplantation. 107(2):475-484, February 2023.

Anti-interleukin-6 Antibody Clazakizumab in Antibody-mediated Renal Allograft Rejection: Accumulation of Antibody-neutralized Interleukin-6 Without Signs of Proinflammatory Rebound Phenomena

Borski, Anita; Eskandary, Farsad; Haindl, Susanne; More

Transplantation. 107(2):495-503, February 2023.

Apheresis of Deceased Donors as a New Source of Mobilized Peripheral Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Transplant Tolerance

Sosa, Rebecca A.; Mone, Thomas; Naini, Bita V.; More

Transplantation. 107(2):504-510, February 2023.

Dynamics of Human Anelloviruses in Plasma and Clinical Outcomes Following Kidney Transplantation

Forqué, Lorena; Fernández-Ruiz, Mario; Albert, Eliseo; More

Transplantation. 107(2):511-520, February 2023.

Analysis of Native Kidney Function Recovery With Renal Scintigraphy Following Simultaneous Liver-Kidney Transplantation

Werneburg, Glenn T.; Hettel, Daniel R.; Mahajan, Paresh; More

Transplantation. 107(2):540-547, February 2023.

Kidney Transplant Patients Generate Varicella Zoster–Reactive T-cell and Humoral Immunity Following Protein-based Varicella Zoster Vaccination

Roch, Toralf; Wehler, Patrizia; Blazquez-Navarro, Arturo; More

Transplantation. 107(2):e58-e59, February 2023.

COVID-19 Outcomes in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients Who Received Tixagevimab-cilgavimab Prophylaxis and/or Bebtelovimab Treatment in a Nurse-driven Monoclonal Antibody Program During the Omicron Surge

Cochran, Willa; Salto-Alejandre, Sonsoles; Barker, Lindsay; More

Transplantation. 107(2):e60-e61, February 2023.

Detection of Transmissible Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 From Deceased Kidney Donors: Implications for Kidney Transplant Recipients

Azhar, Ambreen; Kleiboeker, Steve; Khorsandi, Shiba; More

Transplantation. 107(2):e65-e67, February 2023.

Immunogenicity, Reactogenicity, and Reinfection After 2 Doses of the Inactivated Whole-virion CoronaVac Vaccine in Kidney Transplant Recipients Convalescents From COVID-19

Amorim, Laysla Verhalen Pouzo; Cristelli, Marina Pontello; Viana, Laila Almeida; More

Transplantation. 107(2):e72-e73, February 2023.