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The official Journal of The Transplantation Society, and the International Liver Transplantation Society, Transplantation is published monthly and is a highly cited and influential journal in the field, with more than 25,000 citations per year.

The journal celebrated its 50th year in 2016. Transplantation has been the trusted source for extensive and timely coverage of the most important advances in transplantation. The Editors and Editorial Board are an international group of research and clinical leaders that includes many pioneers of the field, representing a diverse range of areas of expertise. This capable editorial team provides thoughtful and thorough peer review, and delivers rapid, careful and insightful editorial evaluation of all manuscripts submitted to the journal. 

Transplantation is committed to rapid review and publication. The journal remains competitive with a time to first decision of fewer than 21 days. Transplantation was the first in the field to offer CME credit to its peer reviewers for reviews completed.

The journal publishes original research articles in original clinical science and original basic science. Short reports bring attention to research at the forefront of the field. Other areas covered include cell therapy and islet transplantation, immunobiology and genomics, and xenotransplantation.  ​

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