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Transplantation Direct is an Open Access journal from Wolters Kluwer.

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Mission Statement for Transplantation Direct

Transplantation Direct is an open access portal for international transplantation with rapid electronic publication of peer reviewed, high quality basic research and clinical studies related to the field of transplantation. The journal seeks to provide both scientific innovation and educational material, to disseminate vital registry database information and to highlight key scientific advances presented at meetings held by the global transplantation associations. The inherent flexible capacity of multimedia electronic publishing will be combined with high standards of peer review set by exceptional leaders within The Transplantation Society to allow for an inclusive, comprehensive, and yet rigorous approach to presenting significant developments in transplantation.

Types of Articles Published:

  • Standard original basic or clinical science articles
  • Brief preliminary reports on highly interesting experimental or clinical findings
  • Clinical trial protocols of special high interest; publication of novel treatment protocols
  • New methodologies and technical papers
  • Articles proposing novel, as yet untested, hypotheses
  • Publication of articles stemming from current research affiliated with TTS-associated societies
  • Publication of registry reports
  • Commentaries
  • Case Study Reports

About Open Access Publication

Transplantation Direct is an open access journal, and shares the distinctive features of open access journals, including:

  • Publishing only those articles that pass peer review requirements of the editorial board
  • Offer content online (no print option)
  • Offer rapid review and publication times
  • Charge no subscription fees; are free and "open access" to any viewer
  • Generate their primary revenue through article processing charges fees paid either by individual authors, or authors' institutions/grant funding bodies
  • Authors retain copyright of their articles

To provide open access to Transplantation Direct content, the journal charges article publication fees to the authors or other research sponsors/funding agencies for each article they publish. These fees cover numerous expenses incurred by publication, including the peer review process, journal production and publication, and hosting and archiving fees.

The article publication fees for Transplantation Direct are $2200 USD for Tier 1 manuscripts (Articles, Overviews and Short Reports) and $550 USD for Tier 2 manuscripts (Letters, Commentaries and Case Study Reports). TTS members pay a discounted rate of $2000 USD for Tier 1 manuscripts and $500 for Tier 2 manuscripts. Membership will be verified at acceptance.

Article publication fees are charged after peer review and acceptance but prior to publication. All decisions to accept manuscripts are based solely on editorial criteria. Receipt of publication fees must be received by the publisher before an article is published. All fees and financial transactions related to article publication are conducted by the publisher, Wolters Kluwer. Please direct any questions regarding article publication fees to: Tarryn Greenberg, Senior Publisher, [email protected].

Open Access Copyright and License Information

Transplantation Direct uses the Creative Commons License Attribution-Non-Commercial No Derivative 3.0 License (CCBY-NC-ND) for all articles and content published. Use of the CCBY-NC-ND enables authors/creators of content to retain ownership of the copyright for their article/content and gives Wolters Kluwer a license to publish the content. The CCBY-NC-ND agreement allows anyone to disseminate and reuse the article, as well as share and reuse of the scientific material, provided attribution to the original authors and original source is given. Such downloading, use, reuse, etc. does not require permission from either the authors or the publisher. It does not allow commercial exploitation or the creation of derivative works without specific permission. To view a copy of this license, visit:

Authors funded by RCUK, Wellcome Trust, Austrian Science Fund (FWF), or World Health Organization (WFO) may publish using the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), per the RCUK mandate and the Wellcome Trust, FWF, and WHO policies. Use of the CC-BY license enables authors/creators of content to retain ownership of the copyright for their article/content and gives Wolters Kluwer a license to publish the content. The CC-BY agreement allows anyone to disseminate and reuse the article and create derivatives, even for commercial purposes, with proper attribution to Transplantation Direct as the original publisher. To view a copy of this license, visit:


Contact Information

For more information about Transplantation Direct, contact the Editorial Office at [email protected]