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Transplantation Direct: TTS eJournal Progress Update

Geissler, Edward K. PhD1,2; Chapman, Jeremy R. AC, MD, FRCP, FRACP3

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doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003271
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In February 2015, we initiated a new journal in the field of transplantation called Transplantation Direct as a sister journal to Transplantation, linked to the review process for Transplantation and offering an alternative route to publish. This new journal is a true success story, distinguished from the rampant predatory journals we all seem to get in our email boxes daily. We attribute the success to linkage to The Transplantation Society and to the Transplantation Journal and by strong and effective peer review. We present here key statistics to update you on the progress of Transplantation Direct.

Transplantation Direct has published articles every month since the first issue appeared in February 2015, providing a continuous and reliable source of new studies and information for the transplantation community. Over 470 articles have been published to date, with approximately 9 articles per month. The journal website ( provides free access to articles published in 23 subject areas, from clinical and basic science studies, to BMT and a wide variety of transplanted organs, tissues, and cells, through to critical organ procurement and ethical issues in the field. Visits to the website have increased each year and in 2019 increased by 140%, with an exceptionally high 41% of visits resulting in a full-text view.

In addition to the traditional article types, we also provide an outlet for clinical trial protocols and reports on new diagnostic and experimental methodologies. Presentation of novel scientifically supported hypotheses is welcome, and we also encourage publication of interesting pilot studies. Our aim is to get data and ideas out to our readership quickly, so in cases where manuscripts are tranferred to Transplantation Direct we utilize reviews undertaken after submission to Transplantation and also strive to obtain additional reviews with high quality and efficiency. We consistently provide first decisions on articles within 17–18 d, and time to publication in final format is only 43 d from acceptance, which is less than half the time it takes conventional journals. If you want to get an important message or a preliminary set of data out rapidly, Transplantation Direct has proven to be an excellent option. In 2019, nearly 60% of articles came from authors based in the United States, with an additional 7% from Canada; the balance of articles originate mostly from Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. Worldwide open access to all articles has helped fuel the interest of authors to publish in Transplantation Direct and readers to pick up the articles from their literature searches.

Transplantation Direct is indexed by The Directory of Open Access Journals, PubMed Central, and Scopus and has been accepted for coverage in the Emerging Sources Citation Index for Impact Factor evaluation. As a current measure of the rate of citation of papers published in Transplantation Direct, Scopus offers CiteScore Tracker, which has recently become active for Transplantation Direct, and is calculated in the same way as CiteScore, but for the current year, rather than previous, complete years. The CiteScore Tracker score is currently 1.31 for Transplantation Direct, whereas the highest CiteScore Tracker score for the 36 journals in the active category of “Transplantation” is 4.78. Transplantation Direct is being cited and already showing competitiveness in the field.

We receive about two-thirds of submissions by transfer from peer review in Transplantation wherein we recognize articles that we do not have the space for in Transplantation, but which fit the goals of Transplantation Direct. The remaining one-third come from primary submission to our website ( If you are looking for rapid peer review and publication of your work in a reputable journal that has shown its popularity and staying power, then please consider submitting to Transplantation Direct.

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