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April 2019 - Volume 103 - Issue 4
pp: 647-851,e61-e109

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Correlates and Outcomes of Low Physical Activity Posttransplant: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Berben, Lut; Engberg, Sandra J.; Rossmeissl, Anja; More

Transplantation. 103(4):679-688, April 2019.

mTOR Inhibitor Everolimus in Regulatory T Cell Expansion for Clinical Application in Transplantation

Gedaly, Roberto; De Stefano, Felice; Turcios, Lilia; More

Transplantation. 103(4):705-715, April 2019.

An Easy and Sensitive Method to Profile the Antibody Specificities of HLA–specific Memory B Cells

Karahan, Gonca E.; Krop, Juliette; Wehmeier, Caroline; More

Transplantation. 103(4):716-723, April 2019.

International Liver Transplantation Society Asian Consensus on the Management of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Resource Limited Setting—From Noncirrhotic to Decompensated Disease and After Liver Transplantation

Charlton, Michael R.; Gane, Edward J.; Shukla, Aakash; More

Transplantation. 103(4):733-746, April 2019.

Blood Pressure in De Novo Heart Transplant Recipients Treated With Everolimus Compared With a Cyclosporine-based Regimen: Results From the Randomized SCHEDULE Trial

Andreassen, Arne K.; Broch, Kaspar; Eiskjær, Hans; More

Transplantation. 103(4):781-788, April 2019.

Toward a Sensible Single-antigen Bead Cutoff Based on Kidney Graft Survival

Wisse, Bram W.; Kamburova, Elena G.; Joosten, Irma; More

Transplantation. 103(4):789-797, April 2019.

Effect of Donor Age on Outcome of Lung Transplantation Stratified by Recipient Diagnosis: A Nordic Multicenter Study

Auråen, Henrik; Durheim, Michael Thomas; Dellgren, Göran; More

Transplantation. 103(4):807-814, April 2019.

Islet Allotransplantation in the Bone Marrow of Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: A Pilot Randomized Trial

Maffi, Paola; Nano, Rita; Monti, Paolo; More

Transplantation. 103(4):839-851, April 2019.