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IRODaT, the International Registry in Organ Donation and Transplantation.

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Gomez, M.; Perez, B.; Valero, R.; Paez, G.; Balleste, C.; Manyalich, M.

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IRODaT is the first worldwide registry in the organ donation & transplantation field, which contains statistics of deceased/living donors and transplants since 1998. This information is compiled following the nomenclature established in the document “The Critical Pathway of Deceased Donation(1)”, ensuring uniformity throughout the registry and aiding correct interpretation of the data by the scientific community. Out of the 114 countries with organ donation or transplantation activity, 93 national reporters submit data to the registry, and these are available on IRODaT's website(2).


IRODaT is a friendly and easy to use database. Each region is represented by an Official Reporter who registers the figures for donation and transplant activity in the previous year directly to the webpage. IRODaT counts with experts in donation and transplant who revise thoroughly the data. Specialized reports required for specific investigations, studies or for general consultation to meet users' needs and requirements may be request by contacting the IRODaT team.


During the last year IRODaT collected data from 76 countries. An improvement of the actual deceased donor rates in some countries around the world was recorded. The most significant data in Europe were located in Slovenia, which an increased from 15.5 donors pmp to 23 donors pmp in 2012, and Estonia, which had 19.4 donors pmp in 2011 and 24.3 pmp in 2012. In Asia two countries showed a notable increase: Hong Kong which registered 4.7 donors pmp on 2011 and 7.2 donors pmp on 2012 and South Korea with an increase from 7.2 donors pmp on 2011 to 8.4 donors pmp on 2012. Finally, in the region of Africa and Middle East, Iran reported a significant increase, growing from 5.6 donors pmp on 2011 to 6.9 donors pmp on 2012.


IRODaT is able to provide statistics within a short timeframe, based on a worldwide network of experts involved in organ donation and transplantation. The data have proved to be of an extreme value to scientific programs, social and governmental bodies.


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