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March 2019 - Volume 103 - Issue 3
pp: 449-646,e54-e60

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NKG2C Natural Killer Cells in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Are Associated With Cytomegalovirus Viremia and Poor Outcomes in Lung Allograft Recipients

Calabrese, Daniel R.; Chong, Tiffany; Wang, Angelia; More

Transplantation. 103(3):493-501, March 2019.

Human Atrial Natriuretic Peptide in Cold Storage of Donation After Circulatory Death Rat Livers: An Old but New Agent for Protecting Vascular Endothelia?

Nigmet, Yermek; Hata, Koichiro; Tamaki, Ichiro; More

Transplantation. 103(3):512-521, March 2019.

Domino Liver Transplant in Maple Syrup Urine Disease: Technical Details of Cases in Which the First Surgery Involved a Living Donor

Roda, Karina M. O.; Vincenzi, Rodrigo; Fonseca, Eduardo A.; More

Transplantation. 103(3):536-543, March 2019.

Intensive Care to Facilitate Organ Donation: A Report on the Experience of 2 Spanish Centers With a Common Protocol

Martínez-Soba, Fernando; Pérez-Villares, José M.; Martínez-Camarero, Lidia; More

Transplantation. 103(3):558-564, March 2019.

How Should Social Media Be Used in Transplantation? A Survey of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons

Henderson, Macey L.; Adler, Joel T.; Van Pilsum Rasmussen, Sarah E.; More

Transplantation. 103(3):573-580, March 2019.

Elevated Risk of Cancer After Solid Organ Transplant in Childhood: A Population-based Cohort Study

Kitchlu, Abhijat; Dixon, Stephanie; Dirk, Jade S.; More

Transplantation. 103(3):588-596, March 2019.

Comparison of Two Luminex Single-antigen Bead Flow Cytometry Assays for Detection of Donor-specific Antibodies After Renal Transplantation

Bertrand, Dominique; Farce, Fabienne; Laurent, Charlotte; More

Transplantation. 103(3):597-603, March 2019.

Open Randomized Multicenter Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Low Molecular Weight Sulfated Dextran in Islet Transplantation

von Zur-Mühlen, Bengt; Lundgren, Torbjörn; Bayman, Levent; More

Transplantation. 103(3):630-637, March 2019.