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Thomas E. D.; Kasakura, S.; Cavins, J. A.; Ferrebee, J. W.
Transplantation: October 1963

Twenty dogs were given 1500 r whole-body irradiation and an infusion of homologous marrow. Ten dogs treated with methotrexate were compared with 10 dogs that received no drug therapy. The dogs given methotrexate showed an increased incidence of graft “take”, a decreased incidence of graft rejection, and an increased number of long-term survivors.

* Supported by PHS Research Grants AM-02215-05, CA-05109-03, CRT-5087, and CA-02643-08 from the Public Health Service, Contract AT(30-1)-2005 from the United States Atomic Energy Commission and by the John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc.

Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital (Affiliated with Columbia University), Cooperstown, New York

Received March 11, 1963.

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