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Preformed Donor-specific Antibodies Against HLA Class II and Graft Outcomes in Deceased-donor Kidney Transplantation

Uffing, Audrey; Hidalgo, Luis G.; McMullan, Ciaran; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(5):e446, May 2019.

Long-term Prognosis and Recurrence of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis After Liver Transplantation: A Single-Center Experience

Ueda, Yoshihide; Kaido, Toshimi; Okajima, Hideaki; More

Transplantation Direct. 3(12):e334, December 2017.

Impact of Cold Ischemia Time on Outcomes of Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation An Analysis of a National Registry

Peters-Sengers, Hessel; Houtzager, Julia H.E.; Idu, Mirza M.; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(5):e448, May 2019.

Preliminary Studies of the Impact of CXCL12 on the Foreign Body Reaction to Pancreatic Islets Microencapsulated in Alginate in Nonhuman Primates

Sremac, Marinko; Lei, Ji; Penson, Madeline F.E.; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(5):e447, May 2019.

Portopulmonary Hypertension: A Survey of Practice Patterns and Provider Attitudes

DuBrock, Hilary M.; Salgia, Reena J.; Sussman, Norman L.; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(6):e456, June 2019.

Outcomes of Adult Intestinal Transplant Recipients Requiring Dialysis and Renal Transplantation

Puttarajappa, Chethan M.; Hariharan, Sundaram; Humar, Abhinav; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(8):e377, August 2018.

Strengthening Global Efforts to Combat Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism: Implications of the 2018 Edition of the Declaration of Istanbul

Martin, Dominique E.; Van Assche, Kristof; Domínguez-Gil, Beatriz; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(3):e433, March 2019.

Impact of Different Clinical Perfusates During Normothermic Ex Situ Liver Perfusion on Pig Liver Transplant Outcomes in a DCD Model

Linares-Cervantes, Ivan; Kollmann, Dagmar; Goto, Toru; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(4):e437, April 2019.

The Last Year Before Graft Failure Negatively Impacts Economic Outcomes and is Associated With Greater Healthcare Resource Utilization Compared With Previous Years in the United Kingdom Results of a Retrospective Observational Study

Muduma, Gorden; Aluvihare, Varuna; Clancy, Marc; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(5):e443, May 2019.

Safety and Efficacy of Reduced Prolonged-release Tacrolimus Exposure in De Novo Kidney Transplantation: A Randomized, Open-label, Pilot Study in Asia—OPTIMIZE Study

Kim, Young Hoon; Chiang, Yang-Jen; Kim, Sung-Joo; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(4):e340, April 2019.

Impact of CMV PCR Blips in Recipients of Solid Organ and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Lodding, Isabelle P.; Mocroft, Amanda; da Cunha Bang, Caspar; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(6):e355, June 2018.

Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology-Transplantation: A Global Initiative to Develop a Core Outcome Set for Trials in Kidney Transplantation

Tong, Allison; Budde, Klemens; Gill, John; More

Transplantation Direct. 2(6):e79, June 2016.

Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Patients With Portal Vein Thrombosis: A Single-center Experience

Miura, Kohei; Sugawara, Yasuhiko; Uchida, Koushi; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(5):e341, May 2018.

Age Matching of Elderly Liver Grafts With Elderly Recipients Does Not Have a Synergistic Effect on Long-term Outcomes When Both Are Carefully Selected

Gilbo, Nicholas; Jochmans, Ina; Sainz-Barriga, Mauricio; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(4):e342, April 2019.

Immunomics of Renal Allograft Acute T Cell-Mediated Rejection Biopsies of Tacrolimus- and Belatacept-Treated Patients

van der Zwan, Marieke; Baan, Carla C.; Colvin, Robert B.; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(1):e418, January 2019.

Cardiac MRI T2* in Liver Transplant Candidates: Application and Performance of a Novel Imaging Technique to Identify Patients at Risk for Poor Posttransplant Cardiac Outcomes

Lewin, Sara M.; Kallianos, Kimberly; Nevah, M. Ilan; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(7):e363, July 2018.

Improved Glucose Tolerance in a Kidney Transplant Recipient With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus After Switching From Tacrolimus To Belatacept: A Case Report and Review of Potential Mechanisms

de Graav, Gretchen N.; van der Zwan, Marieke; Baan, Carla C.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(3):e350, March 2018.

Well, I Wouldn't be Any Worse Off, Would I, Than I am Now? A Qualitative Study of Decision-Making, Hopes, and Realities of Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Undergoing Islet Cell Transplantation

Speight, Jane; Woodcock, Alison J.; Reaney, Matthew D.; More

Transplantation Direct. 2(5):e72, May 2016.

Survey on Management of Transition and Transfer From Pediatric- to Adult-based Care in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients in Europe

Kreuzer, Martin; Prüfe, Jenny; Tönshoff, Burkhard; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(7):e361, July 2018.

Donor-derived Cell-free DNA Identifies Antibody-mediated Rejection in Donor Specific Antibody Positive Kidney Transplant Recipients

Jordan, Stanley C.; Bunnapradist, Suphamai; Bromberg, Jonathan S.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(9):e379, September 2018.

Transplant Recipients and Anal Neoplasia Study: Design, Methods, and Participant Characteristics of a Prevalence Study

Rosales, Brenda Maria; Langton-Lockton, Julian; Cornall, Alyssa M.; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(4):e434, April 2019.

Liver Transplantation Without Venovenous Bypass: Does Surgical Approach Matter?

Barbas, Andrew S.; Levy, Jordan; Mulvihill, Michael S.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(5):e348, May 2018.

Superior Outcomes and Reduced Wait Times in Pediatric Recipients of Living Donor Liver Transplantation

Kehar, Mohit; Parekh, Rulan S.; Stunguris, Jennifer; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(3):e430, March 2019.

Early Steroid Withdrawal Compared With Standard Immunosuppression in Kidney Transplantation - Interim Analysis of the Amsterdam-Leiden-Groningen Randomized Controlled Trial

van Sandwijk, Marit S.; de Vries, Aiko P.J.; Bakker, Stephan J.L.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(6):e354, June 2018.

Identification and Validation of the Predictive Capacity of Risk Factors and Models in Liver Transplantation Over Time

Blok, Joris J.; Putter, Hein; Metselaar, Herold J.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(9):e382, September 2018.

Hepatoblastoma: Transplant Versus Resection Experience in a Latin American Transplant Center

Caicedo, Luis A.; Sabogal, Angie; Serrano, Oscar; More

Transplantation Direct. 3(6):e165, June 2017.

The UK National Registry of ABO and HLA Antibody Incompatible Renal Transplantation: Pretransplant Factors Associated With Outcome in 879 Transplants

Pankhurst, Laura; Hudson, Alex; Mumford, Lisa; More

Transplantation Direct. 3(7):e181, July 2017.

Infectious Disease Transmission in Solid Organ Transplantation: Donor Evaluation, Recipient Risk, and Outcomes of Transmission

White, Sarah L.; Rawlinson, William; Boan, Peter; More

Transplantation Direct. 5(1):e416, January 2019.

Autologous Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Prevent Transfusion-elicited Sensitization and Upregulate Transitional and Regulatory B Cells

Zhang, Zijian; Wilson, Nancy A.; Chinnadurai, Raghavan; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(9):e387, September 2018.

Pediatric Outcomes in Transplant: PersOnaliSing Immunosuppression To ImproVe Efficacy (POSITIVE Study) The Collaboration and Design of a National Transplant Precision Medicine Program

Papaz, Tanya; Allen, Upton; Blydt-Hansen, Tom; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(12):e410, December 2018.

Center-driven and Clinically Driven Variation in US Liver Transplant Maintenance Immunosuppression Therapy: A National Practice Patterns Analysis

Nazzal, Mustafa; Lentine, Krista L.; Naik, Abhijit S.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(7):e364, July 2018.

Neurological Sequelae and Clinical Outcomes After Lung Transplantation

Smith, Patrick J.; Stonerock, Gregory L.; Ingle, Krista K.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(4):e353, April 2018.

Assessment of a Dedicated Transplant Low Clearance Clinic and Patient Outcomes on Dialysis After Renal Allograft Loss at 2 UK Transplant Centers

Evans, Rhys D.R.; Bekele, Soliana; Campbell, Samantha M.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(6):e352, June 2018.

First Scandinavian Protocol for Controlled Donation After Circulatory Death Using Normothermic Regional Perfusion

Foss, Stein; Nordheim, Espen; Sørensen, Dag W.; More

Transplantation Direct. 4(7):e366, July 2018.

Overweight Kidney Transplant Recipients Are at Risk of Being Overdosed Following Standard Bodyweight-Based Tacrolimus Starting Dose

Andrews, Louise M.; de Winter, Brenda C.M.; Tang, Jiang-Tao; More

Transplantation Direct. 3(2):e129, February 2017.

Comparative Assessment of Anti-HLA Antibodies Using Two Commercially Available Luminex-Based Assays

Clerkin, Kevin J.; See, Sarah B.; Farr, Maryjane A.; More

Transplantation Direct. 3(11):e218, November 2017.