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June 2020 - Volume 6 - Issue 6
pp: e559-e559

Practical Considerations for Solid Organ Transplantation During the COVID-19 Global Outbreak: The Experience from Singapore

Chung, Shimin Jasmine; Tan, Ek Khoon; Kee, Terence; More

Transplantation Direct. 6(6):e554, June 2020.

Evaluation of Renal Anionic Secretion Following Living-donor and Deceased-donor Renal Transplantation: A Clinical Pharmacokinetic Study of Cefoxitin Microdosing

Kalluri, Hari V.; Sood, Puneet; Zhao, Wenchen; More

Transplantation Direct. 6(6):e561, June 2020.

Impact of Recipient Age in Combined Liver-Kidney Transplantation: Caution Is Needed for Patients ≥70 Years

Ekser, Burcin; Goggins, William C.; Fridell, Jonathan A.; More

Transplantation Direct. 6(6):e563, June 2020.

Immunologic Complications and Graft Survival in Crohn’s Disease and NOD2 Mutant Non-Crohn’s Disease Adult Recipients Following Intestine Transplantation

Belyayev, Leonid; Hawksworth, Jason; Khan, Khalid; More

Transplantation Direct. 6(6):e556, June 2020.