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Pancreas and Islet Transplantation

Cognitive Outcome After Islet Transplantation

Mailliez, Aurélie; Ternynck, Camille; Jannin, Arnaud; More

Kidney Transplantation

MHC Class I Masking to Prevent AMR in a Porcine Kidney Transplantation Model in Alloimmunized Recipients

Kervella, Delphine; Branchereau, Julien; Prudhomme, Thomas; More

Liver Transplantation

Low C-reactive Protein and Urea Distinguish Primary Nonfunction From Early Allograft Dysfunction Within 48 Hours of Liver Transplantation

Halle-Smith, James M.; Hall, Lewis; Hann, Angus; More

Lung Transplantation

Relative Change in Donor-Derived Cell-free DNA is Superior to Absolute Values for Diagnosis of Acute Lung Allograft Dysfunction

Trindade, Anil J.; Chapin, Kaitlyn C.; Gray, Jennifer N.; More