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doi: 10.1097/01.TDX.0000554828.28117.31
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Abstracts of the Conference Connecting Donation and Transplantation: A Decade of Growth and Collaboration, hosted by the Organ and Tissue Authority, Sydney 12th–13th March, 2019

S1 Category III Donation after Circulatory Death lung donors for paediatric lung transplantation (pLTx): Increasing the donor pool with excellent outcomes

S1 Ten years on: The significant impact of controlled Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) lung donors on lung transplant opportunities and outcomes

S2 Brief Normothermic Machine Perfusion is superior to cold storage alone - A paired discarded human kidney analysis

S2 Time is precious – Reducing the time from certification of death to commencement of surgery in donation after circulatory determination of death

S3 Donor lung referrals for lung transplantation: A view from ‘the other side’

S3 Till death do us part - Post mortem sperm retrieval

S4 Establishing organ and tissue donation in a smallcountry town

S4 Introduction of an Automatic Death Notification Systemwithin two privateWestern Australian hospitals

S5 Barwon Health Bone Bank; 30 years’ experience in a regional Australian femoral head bank

S5 Pregnancy and organ donation: A case study

S6 Donor family interview training video

S6 Clinical Champions: Catalysts for change in the world of donation and transplant

S7 You can’t close the window: Prevalence of open Nucleic Acid Testing window periods in a cohort of Australasian potential organ donors

S7 Establishing the Australian Transplantation Biobank

S8 The Desktop Coordinator: A retrospective analysis of hospital deaths assessed using electronic medical records

S8 Is there a ceiling for donor consent? A comparison of consent rates from 2005 to 2015 at the New South Wales (NSW) Tissue Banks

S9 Amnion: The Swiss army knife of tissues

S9 The creation and operations of the New SouthWales Organ & Tissue Donation Service Research Steering Committee

S10 Beyond the DonateLife Audit

S10 Effect of language and country of birth on medical suitability and consent in solid organ donor referrals in New South Wales 2010–2015 – A linked-data cohort study

S11 "The Catch-Up Group" - Regional Transplant Recipients Receiving Education and Social Support in their Local Community

S11 Comorbidities influencing the outcome of organ donor referrals in New South Wales: cohort study 2010–2015

S12 Information Technology (IT) connections for a more efficient workplace

S12 Bloodborne virus infections in New SouthWales organ donor referrals: the SAFE-BOD cohort 2010–2015

S13 Examining the increased rates of deceased donor kidney non-utilisation in Australia: What has changed?

S13 Using behavioural insights to test message effectiveness in Victoria

S14 Using volunteers to increase organ donation registration in Victoria

S14 Facilitating organ donation in expedited time frames: the Victorian experience

S15 Donor referrals with primary brain tumour – Perceived vs verified risk

S15 Paediatric lung transplantation at the Alfred: The challenges of small patients in a big country

S16 Incidence of Hepatitis C virus in increased risk populations within Australia: Implications for organ donation

S16 Organ donation after voluntary assisted dying

S17 The pathway for efficient, sustainable and sufficient tissue donation and transplantation in Australia

S17 Cancer incidence in donor referrals, a New South Wales cohort study 2010Y2015 using data linkage

S19 Incidence, prevalence and residual risk of blood borne virus infection when Australian organ donor referrals with increased risk test negative: a systematic review and meta-analysis

S20 Malaria testing: A blessing or a curse

S20 A Prospective grading system for family donation conservations

S21 Knowing the risk – Breast cancer and organ donation

S21 Availability of musculoskeletal tissue from Australian deceased donors

S22 Beyond the traditional donor: First person consent in a patient with a high grade neurological malignancy

S22 Twelve years of increasing admissions from the Emergency Department to Intensive Care Unit for potential organ donation

S23 Should clinical suspicion of ischaemic bowel preclude donation? A review of two cases

S23 Increased viral risk donors - Presentation of first eight Victorian cases

S24 The challenges of success

S24 Organ donors with a history of cancer - A review of 35 Victorian cases since 2014

S25 The role of the Victorian DonateLife Medical Consultant

S25 Going the distance: utilisation of the Donation after Circulatory Death donor pool and the Western Australian experience

S26 Pinning down the challenges to organ donation in the Northern Territory

S26 Paediatric single donor kidney transplanted into small paediatric recipient in Australia

S27 Ex-vivo perfusion of a marginal donor liver prior to transplantation

S27 Organ Allocation & Acceptance

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