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​​Topics in Clinical Nutrition (TICN) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal designed as a resource for the continuing education and clinical practice of dietitians and nutritionists. Each issue addresses topics of interest primarily to dietitians and nutritionists, students and interns in professional training programs and other health care personnel involved in the nutritional care of patients. Articles include translational research reports (work that applies new knowledge to practical effect), practice projects, evidence-based literature reviews, case studies and book reviews, and articles that highlight education theory and applied research which share the tools and techniques of nutrition and dietetics education.

Indexing: Topics in Clinical Nutrition is cited in Academic OneFile, Allied and Complementary Medicine Database, Cumulative Index to Nursing Administration and Health Literature (CINAHL), EBSCO A-Z, EMBASE, Ex Libris, HINARI, JournalGuide, ProQuest, PubMed, Scopus, and TDNet.  

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