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September 2020 - Volume 45 - Issue 9
pp: 6-56

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A snapshot of clinical educational experiences for advanced practice nurses worldwide

Beauchesne, Michelle A.; Honig, Judy; Sevilla, Sonia; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(9):14-22, September 2020.

Using a convenience sampling, nurse educators representing 10 countries were surveyed to describe required clinical education for advanced practice beyond basic traditional nursing education. This article explores the many factors currently influencing the structure and diversity of these clinical experiences worldwide.


An NP's guide to current physical activity recommendations

Hudson, Geoffrey M.; Hauff, Caitlyn; Hayes, Katey; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(9):24-31, September 2020.

Physical inactivity is a public health crisis that contributes to many of the chronic diseases that affect Americans. This review emphasizes the beneficial health implications of physical activity along with the dangers of sedentary lifestyles. It also provides advice tailored to NPs to help their patients become more physically active.


Low voltage on the 12-lead ECG: A warning sign

Dzikowicz, Dillon J.

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(9):33-40, September 2020.

A 12-lead ECG showing low voltage should be a red flag to providers and can be caused by several serious conditions. A case reported is included that describes how an NP correctly treated a patient with low voltage on an ECG by discerning and managing the underlying causes.


Perspectives on and barriers to research among advanced practice provider and physician hospitalists

Dugani, Sagar B.; Geyer, Holly L.; Maniaci, Michael J.; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(9):41-47, September 2020.

Advanced practice providers and physicians at an academic healthcare system comprising more than 15 hospitals across four US states were surveyed to identify barriers for participation in research. Overall, barriers reported by advanced practice providers and physicians were more similar than different, highlighting system-level opportunities to build research skills and accelerate academic productivity.


Understanding the most commonly billed diagnoses in primary care: Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Rogers, Julia; Allen, Jodi

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(9):48-54, September 2020.

This next installment in the series on the most commonly billed diagnoses in primary care focuses on type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). This article discusses the pathophysiologic processes of T2DM as well as how the clinical manifestations and treatments are linked to the pathogenesis of the disease.