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COVID-19 pneumonia: What APRNs should know

Avadhani, Amita; Cardinale, Maria; Akintade, Bimbola

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(7):22-28, July 2021.

This article includes pertinent recommendations for management of acutely ill patients with COVID-19 pneumonia.

SGLT2 inhibitors: What role do they play in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction?

Lenahan, Christy McDonald; Harrington, Deedra; Stueben, Frances

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(7):30-37, July 2021.

Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors can decrease risk for heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes and can decrease risk of major cardiovascular events in patients with heart failure (HF) and diabetes. Specific SGLT2 inhibitors can also decrease major cardiovascular events in patients with HF only.

Management and support of patients with fibrosing interstitial lung diseases

Barbera, Tyonn; Davila, Lesley; Patel, Nina M.

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(7):39-44, July 2021.

Fibrosing interstitial lung diseases have a variable clinical course. Regular monitoring is important to assess disease progression and inform patient care and counseling. NPs play a key role in helping patients understand their disease and its treatment and manage the adverse reactions of pharmacologic therapies.

Development and implementation of a trauma team education program in Georgetown, Guyana

Ramirez, Rick; Cook, Courtney; Van Meter, Jessica

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(7):46-55, July 2021.

Trauma teams without structured team training demonstrate impaired team dynamics, which can cause delays in patient care, leading to poor patient outcomes. Improving team dynamics leads to better communication, reduced errors, and enhanced patient care. Evidence-based trauma team training was implemented and delivered within a resource-restricted ED.