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May 2021 - Volume 46 - Issue 5
pp: 14-1

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Diagnosis of venous thromboembolism using clinical pretest probability rules, D-dimer assays, and imaging techniques

Thanavaro, Joanne

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(5):15-22, May 2021.

Venous thromboembolism is a significant clinical entity that includes two associated medical disorders: deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The goal of this article is to describe the optimal approach to evaluating venous thromboembolism including pretest probability clinical decision rules and appropriate testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis.


The role of telemedicine in gynecologic healthcare: A narrative review

Weltin, Ann; Etcher, LuAnn

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(5):24-31, May 2021.

This article offers a comprehensive narrative literature review on telemedicine use in gynecologic healthcare analyzing current telemedicine integration in the field and outlining innovative and best practices. Telemedicine use in contraceptive care, sexually transmitted infections, acute and chronic gynecologic conditions, and education are discussed. NPs are in a unique position to offer these services to patients in need of women's healthcare services. Barriers, facilitators, clinical implications, and future research are addressed.


COVID-19 and telehealth: Applying telehealth and telemedicine in a pandemic

Adelman, Deborah S.; Fant, Catherine; Summer, Georgianne

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(5):34-43, May 2021.

In this second article of a three-part series, we explore how stakeholders can be educated on the use of telehealth technology and telemedicine. We address the need for staff and patient support for the transition to telehealth and offer suggestions to NPs for appropriate presentation and interaction with interdisciplinary teams and patients regarding telehealth.


Understanding the most commonly billed diagnoses in primary care: Acute pharyngitis

Rogers, Julia; Eastland, Taryn

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(5):48-54, May 2021.

This is a 12-part series on the most commonly billed diagnoses in primary care. The article discusses the pathophysiologic processes of acute pharyngitis as well as the clinical manifestations and treatments and how they are linked to disease pathogenesis.


Best practices in benzodiazepine prescribing and management in primary care

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(5):1, May 2021.

Erratum: The article, “Best practices in benzodiazepine prescribing and management in primary care,” published in the March 2021 issue of The Nurse Practitioner, required a correction. Please read the full erratum online in the May issue.