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June 2019 - Volume 44 - Issue 6
pp: 6-56

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Evaluation and current treatments for urinary incontinence

Hooper, Gwendolyn L.

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(6):21-28, June 2019.

Although aging and urinary incontinence are often associated, urinary incontinence is not a normal part of aging. As the population ages, the challenge of urinary incontinence will place a greater demand on the healthcare system. NPs can effectively direct treatments to mitigate the symptoms of urinary incontinence, improving patient quality of life.


Addressing transgender patients' barriers to access care

Rowe, Denise; Ng, Yeow Chye; O'Keefe, Louise C.

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(6):30-38, June 2019.

The transgender population faces several barriers to accessing quality medical care in the US healthcare system. This article examines the challenges that prevent this marginalized group from obtaining high-quality healthcare services and discusses how NP advocacy can help create a welcoming environment for transgender patients.


NP student encounters with obesity bias in clinical practice

Hauff, Caitlyn; Fruh, Sharon M.; Graves, Rebecca J.; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(6):41-46, June 2019.

This study explores NP students' encounters with obesity stigma and bias in their clinical environment as well as recommendations to decrease obesity stigma and bias. Results indicate a need for continued education on the topic of weight management within NP curricula.


Cardiac stress testing review for the primary care provider

Daniels, Karen J.

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(6):48-55, June 2019.

Various modes of cardiac stress testing are conducted in outpatient practices today. This article presents information on the current methods of testing to help primary care providers gain confidence in test selection, the testing process, and interpreting results.