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July 2019 - Volume 44 - Issue 7
pp: 9-2

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Pediatric metabolic syndrome

Felix, Abigail; John, Rita Marie

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(7):18-25, July 2019.

Although the prevalence of obesity and its related complications are increasing among pediatric patients, appropriate management can prevent chronic disease. This article will present an overview of metabolic syndrome, pediatric metabolic syndrome guidelines, pathophysiology, associated risk factors, and clinical practice implications.


Assessing for and managing chronic insomnia in primary care settings

Cadet, Myriam; Tucker, Lorna; Allen, Deborah H.; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(7):27-35, July 2019.

Chronic insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. Improper or delayed diagnosis can lead to serious health problems. Early accurate assessment is essential to guide and provide safe treatment. This article reviews assessment and management of insomnia in the primary care setting.


NPs' use of guidelines to diagnose and treat childhood ADHD

Jansen, Mashelle

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(7):37-42, July 2019.

Current research on NPs' use of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents is limited. This cross-sectional survey examined 89 NPs in Upstate New York regarding self-reported practice behaviors based on the guideline.


Fostering sexual and gender minority status disclosure in patients

Cottrell, Damon B.

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(7):43-49, July 2019.

Members of the sexual and gender minority (SGM) community face complex barriers to accessing quality healthcare. NPs have a responsibility to create welcoming care settings where patients can share a trusting provider-patient relationship to disclose their SGM status, which has shown to improve patient outcomes.


DeprescribingPolypharmacy management in older adults with comorbidities

Diggins, Kristene

The Nurse Practitioner. 44(7):50-55, July 2019.

In today's clinical landscape, the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single condition has become a major patient safety issue. Recent evidence suggests a need to identify deprescribing opportunities in the management of polypharmacy. NPs, as clinical gatekeepers, are in a key position to spearhead deprescribing best practices, specifically as they relate to older adults with multiple medication regimens.

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