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Multiple Sclerosis

  • Creator:   The Nurse Practitioner
  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Collection of multiple sclerosis articles.
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Lyme disease: A diagnostic dilemma

Savely, Virginia

The Nurse Practitioner. 35(7):44-50, July 2010.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The magnetic resonance imaging scans of patients with disseminated LD and patients with MS are indistinguishable, each revealing white plaques in the gray matter.

Tremors: Learning to stop the shakes

Struble, Laura M.

The Nurse Practitioner. 35(6):18-25, June 2010.

A tremor is a common, abnormal, involuntary movement of muscles that may be noted during a routine physical examination. Identifying the type of tremor is necessary to determine underlying neurological disorders. This article offers a practical approach to assessment and diagnosis of the most common tremors seen in practice.

Acquired fecal incontinence in community-dwelling adults

Chien, Darleen; Bradway, Christine

The Nurse Practitioner. 35(1):14-22, January 2010.

Despite its impact on patients and their families, fecal incontinence is not well-studied, as patients are often too ashamed to disclose it to their healthcare provider or the provider may believe that it cannot be treated. Proper education, strategies to overcome barriers, and appropriate management techniques will help NPs provide adequate relief for patients suffering from this debilitating condition.