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  • Creator:   The Nurse Practitioner
  • Updated:   1/24/2022
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Nurse practitioners in primary care frequently see patients with common skin conditions and must be up to date on the latest treatments.
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A practical guide to vitiligo differential diagnoses in primary care

Delgado, Patricia; Crumpton, Kristen

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(11):29-36, November 2021.

Primary care providers often encounter different types of pigmentary disorders such as vitiligo. This article arms the provider with the most common vitiligo differential diagnoses, with key findings and tips to identify specific hypopigmentary diseases. Readers will be better prepared to provide safe and effective care and recommend referrals to appropriate specialties.

Notalgia paresthetica: An underdiagnosed condition in primary care

Haney, Beth

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(9):40-46, September 2021.

Notalgia paresthetica is a perplexing diagnosis in the primary care setting. Chronic itching, paresthesia, or pain causes discomfort in patients who suffer with notalgia paresthetica and it is thought to be a common but underdiagnosed condition. Recognition of this dermatologic condition can lead to reassurance and relief for affected patients.

Trichotillomania and excoriation disorder: Primary care implications

Scrandis, Debra A.; Duarte, Ana C.

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(8):51-55, August 2021.

Trichotillomania and excoriation disorder are two psychiatric conditions that have similar origins to obsessive compulsive disorder. Both can cause patients significant distress and lead to medical consequences. It is important that primary care NPs identify and refer these individuals for psychiatric treatment.