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COVID-19 Coverage

  • Creator:   The Nurse Practitioner
  • Updated:   4/5/2021
  • Contains:  39 items
The latests news updates regarding COVID-19.
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Reducing the wait: When time is priceless

Atchley, Megan Danielle; Kroll, Nicole Peters; Etcher, LuAnn

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(2):50-55, February 2021.

Today, healthcare providers are not only charged with providing high-quality evidence-based care to improve patient outcomes, but also with completing quick patient visits due to time constraints to necessitate financial reimbursement. This article summarizes current evidence to determine best practices for managing outpatient wait times and improve outcomes, satisfaction, quality, and continuity of care.

Risk of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis with COVID-19: A Syndemic Approach

Muhrer, Jill C.

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(2):44-49, February 2021.

Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis are common problems in healthcare and are typically related to patient, provider, and socioeconomic factors. A syndemics model of COVID-19 is used to analyze the synergistic relationship between diseases and influences that impact patients' living conditions and health. NPs can use this approach to promote patient safety and equitable healthcare.

Elevated liver function tests in COVID-19: Causes, clinical evidence, and potential treatments

Clark, Ricketta; Waters, Bradford; Stanfill, Ansley Grimes

The Nurse Practitioner. 46(1):21-26, January 2021.

COVID-19 causes severe respiratory and multiorgan failure, including liver damage and elevated transaminase levels. This article addresses the potential causes of liver function abnormalities in patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and management approaches for NPs focusing on preventing and alleviating liver injury.

Using telehealth for diabetes self-management in underserved populations

Ju, Hsiao-Hui

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(11):26-33, November 2020.

Diabetes self-management is a complex process and central to well-being of patients with this chronic disorder. A patient-centered telehealth program may potentially meet needs of those in underserved populations to reduce socioeconomic disparities. Achieving this goal requires a focused concentration on health behaviors and practices of individuals in underserved populations.

Disaster response resources and research goals for NPs

Wood, Laura; Zak, Concetta; Adelman, Deborah S.; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(7):42-47, July 2020.

This final installment presents an overview of the series and calls for NPs to become more educated in disaster response planning, more involved in disaster response research, and better trained to lead in disaster response.

The personal and professional responsibilities of NPs in disaster response

Zak, Concetta L.; Wood, Laura Kay; Adelman, Deborah S.; More

The Nurse Practitioner. 45(5):34-40, May 2020.

The fourth article in the Disaster Series presents the various duties that NPs may assume in a disaster. NPs possess advanced clinical knowledge and skills that position them to play key roles in all phases of a disaster.