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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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A collection of articles on obesity topics.
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Contraceptive for obese women considerations

Kelsey, Beth

The Nurse Practitioner. 35(3):24-31, March 2010.

It is important for NPs to be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge to provide individualized, evidence-based care to meet every woman's contraceptive needs. When choosing contraception, obese women must be made aware of effective options that won't increase their health risks.

Bariatric surgery: Putting the squeeze on obesity

Budd, Geraldine M.; Falkenstein, Kathleen

The Nurse Practitioner. 34(7):39-45, July 2009.

Bariatric surgery is an effective, long-lasting therapy that improves weight-related complications. Optimum primary care management requires that clinicians perform annual psychosocial, weight, and laboratory evaluations.

Shouldering the weight of obesity

King, Joyce

The Nurse Practitioner. 33(11):45-51, November 2008.

Successful weight management requires a life-long commitment to healthy behaviors. Strategies must include both prevention and treatment approaches. As NPs, we are in an ideal position to effectively help patients manage healthy lifestyle changes that prevent obesity-related diseases.

Use Your Team's Might to Drive Back Obesity

Christie, Catherine; Meires, Jan; Watkins, Julia A.

The Nurse Practitioner. 32(5):31-36, May 2007.

Evidence-based guidelines support strategies aimed at intensive behavioral counseling and regular, moderate physical exercise for prevention and treatment of adult obesity.