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CT-PET: Thoracic Oncologic Imaging

  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  7 items
This symposium was published in early 2006. As noted by Editor Emeritus Charlie White, “This symposium provided a thorough overview of a topic which had been and remains of interest to several groups of subspecialists. It reflected the accumulated knowledge gained from more than a decade of research in the area. It also provided a plethora of clinically useful information.” Indeed, the six articles in this symposium remains highly relevant to thoracic imagers and physicians caring for oncology patients today. As noted by Guest Editor Reggie Munden, “It is safe to say that PET/CT has not only lived up to its high expectations, but in some ways it is exceeding them.” For additional commentary regarding this special symposium, please see JTI's blog.