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Articles by Phillip M. Boiselle, M.D

Longitudinal Follow-up of Patients With Tracheobronchomalacia After Undergoing TracheobronchoplastyComputed Tomography Findings and Clinical Correlation

Bezuidenhout, Abraham F.; Boiselle, Phillip M.; Heidinger, Benedikt H.; More

Journal of Thoracic Imaging. ., Post Author Corrections: June 27, 2018

Chest Radiograph Interpretation of Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia, Bacterial Pneumonia, and Pulmonary Tuberculosis in HIV-Positive Patients: Accuracy, Distinguishing Features, and Mimics

Boiselle, Phillip M.; Tocino, Irena; Hooley, Regina J.; More

Journal of Thoracic Imaging. 12(1):47-53, January 1997.