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Monday, February 21, 2011

Jonathan Chung Reviews "Thoracic Imaging: RadCases"

Following is an excerpt from Jonathan Chung's review of "Thoracic Imaging: RadCases" to be published in a future issue of JTI:


Thoracic Imaging: RadCases.

Carlos Santiago Restrepo and Steven M. Zangan.

New York, NY: Thieme, 2010. 224 pages.

ISBN: 9781604061871  Paperback, $49.95.


            Case discussion is a tried and true method of resident education.  In addition to simulating actual clinical practice, it requires the trainee to learn actively, which is superior to learning passively.  The authors of Thoracic Imaging: RadCases have compiled 100 cases in this highly portable text. In addition, all cases in the text can be viewed on-line as well as 150 supplemental cases—a resource that today’s tech-savvy residents will highly appreciate, if not demand. Drs. Restrepo and Zangan  present common and uncommon thoracic imaging cases primarily to prepare residents for board exams. 

            The authors effectively present cases in a structured format, which allows the reader to efficiently peruse cases and assimilate data.  Images are presented as unknowns on the right-hand page along with a short sentence regarding clinical presentation or history.  The following left-hand page is divided into imaging findings, differential diagnosis (with the correct answer), essential facts, and pearls and pitfalls.

            Rather than using a traditional text format, information is presented in bulleted form to aid the reader in quickly assimilating information.  Images are generally plentiful, high quality, and sufficient in size.  Differential diagnoses are succinct and appropriate.  However, because the correct diagnosis is always placed first in the list of differential diagnoses, this format has the potential to be misleading or confusing to the reader in a few cases.

In summary, Drs. Restrepo and Zangan have compiled a valuable collection of cases in Thoracic Imaging: RadCases.  The format is highly efficient in presenting cases and mimics case presentation during oral board examinations.  Given its affordability, high quality, and supplemental online content, I would highly recommend this book to any trainee or general radiologist who enjoys the case presentation format.