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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

May 2014 Issue of JTI published
The May 2014 issue of Journal of Thoracic Imaging has been published online and in print.

This issue features a symposium on CT and MRI of coronary artery disease guest edited by Albert de Roos, M.D. This symposium consists of six review articles that will provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of noninvasive imaging of ischemic heart disease:

“Comprehensive Evaluation of Hibernating Myocardium: Use of Noninvasive Imaging” by Jan Bogaert and colleagues

“Myocardial Tissue Characterization by Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Novel Applications of T1 and T2 Mapping” by Vanessa Ferreira and colleagues

“Computed Tomography Assessment of Hemodynamic Significance of Coronary Artery Disease: CT Perfusion, Contrast Gradients by Coronary CTA, and Fractional Flow Reserve Review” by Christian Loewe and Alfred Stadler

“Computed Tomography Evaluation of Cardiac Structure and Function” by Michael Sala and colleagues

“Cardiovascular Function and Flow by 4-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques: New Applications” by Emmeline Calkoen and colleagues.

Also included in this issue of JTI as web-only content are the abstracts from the 2014 annual scientific meeting of the European Society of Thoracic imaging, the updated ACR Appropriateness Criteria for hemoptysis, and an In Memoriam honoring Eric Nightingale Campbell Milne, MB, ChB by Dr. John Austin.