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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Published ahead-of-print in JTI

Published ahead-of-print in JTI is an original article by Sujal Desai and colleagues entitled “Morphologic Predictors of a Microbiological Yield in Patients With a Tree-in-Bud Pattern on Computed Tomography”.  The authors retrospectively studied 53 patients with tree-in-bud opacities on CT and on whom a diagnostic microbiologic test (BAL, nasopharyngeal aspirate, or sputum analysis) had been performed within two weeks.  Twenty-five of the 53 patients who met inclusion criteria had a clinically significant microbiologic yield.  Fifteen of the 53-patients were immunocompromised.  M. tuberculosis was the most common organism recovered (n=6).   Fewer than 50% of patients with tree-in-bud opacities on CT had positive yields from microbiologic testing.  The authors concluded from their data that the only ancillary CT finding that predicts and increased likelihood that microbiologic testing will return clinically significant results is cavitation.