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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Published ahead-of-print

Published ahead-of-print in JTI are two new original articles:


Cassagnes and colleagues have published, “Left Atrial Volume in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”.  In their study, the authors evaluated left atrial volume in smokers compared to severity of emphysema with the attempt to assess for indirect evidence of decreased pulmonary venous return secondary to capillary destruction.  This study of 121 patients who underwent thin-section, high-pitch CT showed a negative correlation with indexed left atrial volume and percentage of emphysema.


Mo and colleagues have published, “Primary Lymphoepithelioma-like Carcinoma of the Lung: Distinct Computed Tomography Features and Associated Clinical Outcomes”.  This study describes the clinical and CT findings of lymphoepithelial-like carcinoma (LELC) of the lung.  The authors performed a retrospective review of 35 patients with pathologically proven LELC.  With regard to clinical features, the authors showed a strong association with Ebstein-Barr virus infection in Asians and a minimal association with smoking.  The most common CT findings of LELC include subpleural nodules with homogeneous or heterogeneous attenuation.