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Friday, September 27, 2013

Published ahead-of-print in JTI

Published ahead-of-print in JTI is a review article entitled “Beyond Lung Cancer:

A Strategic Approach to Interpreting Screening Computed Tomography Scans on the Basis of Mortality Data From the National Lung Screening Trial” by Drs. Caroline Chiles and Narinder Paul.  This review provides a detail discussion of incidental findings detected at CT lung cancer screening and their respective implications for morbidity and mortality.  The authors focus on coronary artery calcium, emphysema, and extrapulmonary malignancies.  A brief discussion of the financial implications of incidentally detected findings at CT lung cancer screening is also provided.


Accompanying this review by Chiles and Paul is an editorial by Dr. Phil Boiselle, the editor-in-chief of JTI.  Dr. Boiselle’s editorial summarizes JTI’s lung cancer screening resources and references recent articles from JTI’s lung cancer screening symposium.