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Monday, August 12, 2013

Published ahead-of-print in JTI

Published ahead of print in JTI are two articles on quantitative CT (QCT) of the lung. 


Dr. John Newell and colleagues from the University of Iowa have authored a manuscript on developing protocols for pulmonary QCT.  This manuscript briefly reviews QCT metrics of lung disease and then focuses on the key elements of a robust scanning protocol that include breathing, positioning, reconstruction, and scanner calibration.  The authors conclude with a brief discussion on image processing software.


The second article by Dr. Harvey Coxson of the University of British Columbia discusses sources of variation in QCT of the lung.  Topics in this article include slice thickness, reconstruction kernel, differences in manufacturers, image noise, and biological variation and their respective effects on parenchymal and airway measurements.


These two articles are part of a JTI symposium on QCT, which is scheduled to be published in the upcoming September issue.