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Friday, February 24, 2012

PQI Update by Jeff Kanne, "The QA Guy"
Practice Quality Improvement (part IV) of the American Board of Radiology’s (ABR) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program has been the most challenging MOC component for radiologists to understand.  Because MOC is relatively new for radiology (the first 10-year cycle ends this year), PQI has been an evolving entity with different diplomates having different requirements depending on year of initial certification.  Furthermore, many diplomates report being unclear as to what exactly are the requirements for PQI.  
This week, the ABR published the “ABR Guide to Practice Quality Improvement” in order to clarify the PQI program and to aid diplomates in selecting and completing PQI projects.  This guide not only spells out PQI requirements but also provides templates for designing and completing projects.  What may be of interest to many diplomates is that the ABR has further defined how diplomates can receive PQI participation credit by participating in institution- or enterprise-wide PQI initiatives.    
I recommend that you and your colleagues review this guide in order to ensure that your current and future projects meet the ABR’s criteria for PQI.  Additionally, if your institution has a central quality department, consider providing the director or manager with a copy so that radiologists in your practice who participate in institution-wise projects can receive PQI credit when appropriate.  
Finally, remember that no matter what your PQI projects are, be sure to keep detailed records of planning, attendance and minutes for meetings, as well as results.