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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tips for Trainees (T4T) by Jonathan Chung: Free internet on PdaNet

So, you managed to get the time off to go to RSNA this year.  Unfortunately, even away from home, you need Internet to work on projects, send emails, and to stay current.  Though there are some hotels which offer free Wi-Fi, many do not.  More disconcerting is the fact that many of the ones which do not offer free Wi-Fi are the more expensive hotels.  I simply refuse to pay an extra $13.95 per day to use something which I feel really should be free.  (Have I not given you enough of my hard-earned money?)  In the past, this has led to much eye strain and occasional mild expletives when trying to perform any productive work on the 4 inches of screen space afforded by my glitchy Android phone—I should have gotten an iPhone—but I digress3. 


I recently was introduced to an awesome, FREE product available for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Android, and iPhone devices.  It’s called PdaNet and really quite simple.  It allows you to use your phone as a Wi-Fi HotSpot or to access the Internet using USB tethering.  I have only used the Android version, which is amazing.  I have not figured out how to use the Bluetooth DUN as of yet, but USB tethering is faster anyways and has not given me any major issues.  My transfer rate while using PdaNet with Dropbox is around 100 KB/second, which is comparable to what I achieve using Wi-Fi access at my local Starbucks.  It is, however, much slower than high-speed Internet that most of us are used to at work and home.  Regardless, when travelling, PdaNet is an invaluable tool which I throw my full support behind.