March 2011 - Volume 64 - Issue 3
pp: 4-76

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Certified audiology: The ins and outs of board certification

Beauchamp, James A.

The Hearing Journal. 64(3):10,12-14, March 2011.

Whether you're certified in audiology, thinking about becoming certified, need to recertify, or are interested in a specialty certification, this month's Page Ten has the run through on all of the requirements and benefits of the process.

MarkeTrak VIII Mini-BTEs tap new market, users more satisfied

Kochkin, Sergei

The Hearing Journal. 64(3):17-18,20,22,24, March 2011.

In Part III of his continuing series on the findings of the MarkeTrak VIII survey, Dr. Kochkin identifies a new segment of mini-BTE wearers and discovers these users are more satisfied.

Advanced user control optimizes real-world listening preferences

Taylor, Brian

The Hearing Journal. 64(3):26,28-30,32,34, March 2011.

Results of this new study indicate that patients prefer devices with an advanced user control over devices with a gain-only control.

The cartilage bone junction and its implication for deep canal hearing instrument fittings

Nielsen, Claus; Darkner, Sune

The Hearing Journal. 64(3):35,36,40,42, March 2011.

Researchers look at the cartilage bone junction and its implications for deep canal hearing instrument fittings.

Hearing aid orientation supplement through DVD instruction

Locaputo-Donnellon, Amy E.; Clark, John Greer

The Hearing Journal. 64(3):44,46-48,50, March 2011.

In this pilot study, the use of a supplemental hearing aid orientation DVD increases information retention for new hearing aid users.