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May 2010 - Volume 63 - Issue 5
pp: 4-56

Audiology and Baha: Good... Good... Good Vibrations!

Dickinson, William W.

The Hearing Journal. 63(5):10,12-14, May 2010.

There is a small but growing new family of bone-conduction hearing aids out there that can help many more people than the old Bahas. Our Page Ten author explains why mainstream audiologists may want to get involved with this technology.

Survey probes dispensers' views on key issues raised by Consumer Reports

Kirkwood, David H.

The Hearing Journal. 63(5):17-18,20-22,24,26, May 2010.

Our annual dispenser survey this year had a special section for comments on the controversial CR article that focused on flaws in the hearing aid delivery system. How practitioners responded may surprise you.

Survey examines popularity of real-ear probe-microphone measures

Mueller, H. Gustav; Picou, Erin M.

The Hearing Journal. 63(5):27-28,30,32, May 2010.

Using data from the survey reported on in this month's Cover Story, the authors analyze the use (and under-use) of real-ear measurement and discuss for what purposes and in what ways practitioners are applying it.

The importance of perceptual bandwidth and how frequency compression extends it

McDermott, Hugh; Baldwin, Doug; Nyffeler, Myriel

The Hearing Journal. 63(5):34,36,38-40, May 2010.

The authors differentiate between extended bandwidth as measured electroacoustically and as perceived by the wearer. They go on to discuss the benefits of a particular frequency-compression scheme.