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March 2010 - Volume 63 - Issue 3
pp: 3-80

How do hearing aid dispensers pick their buying preferences?

Johnson, Earl E.

The Hearing Journal. 63(3):10,12-14, March 2010.

Surveys have found that dispensers generally fit the hearing aid brands and models they think best meet their patients' needs. But how do they decide which are best and how do manufacturers try to influence their decision? This month's Page Ten author offers some answers.

Web 2.0: Leveraging your hearing healthcare practice in an online world

Victorian, Brande

The Hearing Journal. 63(3):17-18,20-21, March 2010.

Now that senior citizens are surfing the web for hearing help, there's no excuse for hearing professionals not to have a web site. Advice from experts on how to make the most of yours.

Seven proven tips to reach your practice's Internet potential

Calkins, Kelly

The Hearing Journal. 63(3):22,24,26, March 2010.

Complementing this month's Cover Story, a private-practice audiologist who owns a company that advises practitioners on making the most of the web, shares her expertise.