March 2009 - Volume 62 - Issue 3
pp: 4-76

Dead zones: What are they and what do you do about them?

Moore, Brian C.J.

The Hearing Journal. 62(3):10-14, March 2009.

In his first appearance on Page Ten, Brian Moore, professor of auditory science at the University of Cambridge and the leading authority on cochlear dead zones, explains how to determine if a patient has this troublesome condition and, if so, how to go about fitting amplification on the patient.

Survey on ethics finds dispensers divided on how to practice on the side of the angels

Kirkwood, David H.

The Hearing Journal. 62(3):19-26, March 2009.

The annual HJ/AO survey of hearing professionals presented respondents with a series of scenarios and asked their views on the propriety of the behaviors described. People's judgments varied widely, but data analysis uncovered some interesting correlations between practitioners' answers and their gender, profession, work setting, and length of experience.

Just $19.95! But wait, there's more!

Hawkins, David B.; Stamper, Greta C.

The Hearing Journal. 62(3):32-34, March 2009.

Are low-cost hearing devices worth the money? After testing a few of them, the authors suggest they may be a bargain—but only if they come with a pasta cooker or something else of real value.