August 2008 - Volume 61 - Issue 8
pp: 4-62

Protecting intellectual property: A guide to patents and trademarks

Campbell, Kathleen

The Hearing Journal. 61(8):10,14-15, August 2008.

Whether you are an inventor, an author, or simply someone who wants to send out a marketing piece for your practice, you may face issues as to how to protect intellectual property that you have developed or regarding how you can use patented, trademarked, and copyrighted materials developed by others. Page Ten offers a basic course on the topic.

Hearing loss prevention goes mainstream, and every practitioner has a part to play

Pallarito, Karen

The Hearing Journal. 61(8):17-18,20-22, August 2008.

In the unending battle to minimize the damage that excessive noise wreaks on America 's hearing, there is a subtle but significant shift in focus from conserving the hearing that people have left to the more pro-active approach of preventing hearing loss before it occurs. This month 's Cover Story reports on what that entails and how hearing care providers can contribute to the effort.

Study explores benefits of a battery club to a private practice and its patients

Williams, Victoria A.; Danhauer, Jeffrey L.; Johnson, Carole E.

The Hearing Journal. 61(8):24,26,28, August 2008.

Apart from offering a valued added service to patients and increasing a practice 's revenues from battery sales, the authors say that having a battery club also brings a practice the intangible benefits of increasing patient contacts.

“The Kiss of Deaf”: A case study

Reiter, Levi A.

The Hearing Journal. 61(8):32,34,36,37, August 2008.

You may have heard about this unusual case on national TV or read about it in your local paper. But here is the full story, with the audiologic details, of a mother whose ear was seriously damaged by a loving kiss from her 4-year-old daughter.

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