November 2007 - Volume 60 - Issue 11
pp: 4-73

Wireless technology in hearing care

Wireless technology is driving a hearing aid metamorphosis

Boothroyd, Arthur

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):10, November 2007.

In his introduction to this special issue on the use of wireless technology in hearing healthcare, the guest editor points to the exciting potential of the convergence of hearing aid and wireless technology

Wireless transmission of speech and data to, from, and between hearing aids

Sandrock, Carl; Schum, Donald J.

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):12-16, November 2007.

The authors explain how digital signal processing is creating more possibilities for wireless transmission of signals to hearing aids.

Increasing hearing aid adoption through multiple environmental listening utility

Kochkin, Sergei

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):28-31, November 2007.

By making hearing aids effective in more situations, wireless technology promises to increase their use and ability to satisfy consumers.

Acceptance of the wireless microphone as a hearing aid accessory for adults

Fabry, David; Mälder, Hans; Dijkstra, Evert

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):32-36, November 2007.

Obstacles to widespread use of FM and other wireless technology are explained and possible solutions presented.

Connecting the hearing-impaired in a wireless world

Chisolm, Theresa Hnath; Smith, Sherri L.; McArdle, Rachel; More

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):37-44, November 2007.

Effective education and counseling are essential in causing patients to make the use of wireless technology part of their daily lives.

Binaural sharing of audio signals: Prospective benefits and limitations

Moore, Brian C. J.

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):46-48, November 2007.

Swapping of signals between binaurally fitted hearing aids is expected to become increasingly common, but the magnitude of the benefits may be limited.

Assessing the feasibility of Bluetooth in hearing rehabilitation

Yanz, Jerry L.; Preves, David A.

The Hearing Journal. 60(11):52-60, November 2007.

The authors foresee a combined hearing aid-Bluetooth receiver that can put users “in touch with the world in a way that nothing else can.”