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April 2007 - Volume 60 - Issue 4
pp: 4-86

Moving toward evidence-based diagnosis and management of APD in children

Hall, James W. III

The Hearing Journal. 60(4):10-14, April 2007.

A review of what has been learned in the past decade about auditory processing disorders (APD) in children and a discussion of assessment tools that are readily available to the clinician.

Universities and clinical sites puzzle out the details of fourth-year externships

Pallarito, Karen

The Hearing Journal. 60(4):17-23, April 2007.

The growing need for suitable clinical externship sites for AuD students is raising a host of issues about how and where to find them, what externs should do, and how they should be paid.

MarkeTrak VII: Obstacles to adult non-user adoption of hearing aids

Kochkin, Sergei

The Hearing Journal. 60(4):24-51, April 2007.

Despite great advances in hearing aid technology, the latest MarkeTrak study finds that significantly increasing the utilization of amplification requires other advances as well. These include raising awareness by consumers of their hearing loss and its impact on their lives and spreading the realization that existing solutions are effective and offer good value.